Why does this happen everytime?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PurpleDino, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I plant a few and they start to strech i guess.
    I base of the plant is long, skinny, and weak.
    Eventually, about 3 weeks in the plant falls over and dies.
    I just use straight soil and water and try to maximize lighting w/o suspicion of parents.
    What am i doing wrong?:confused:
  2. One your growing with out everyone in the house knowing there fore causing you to do it half ass...With out pics or light info no one can help you..Take it as an omen and wait till you own or have a spot for yourself,
  3. Plants stretching is due to a lack of light.
  4. possibly need to move the lights closer to the plants
  5. Don't grow in your parents' house without their explicit knowledge and permission.
  6. listen to what they have to say, growing in your rents houses is a no go. almost perfect failed attempt, unless you can pull it off with lst about 8 CFL's(4xdaylight 26 watt, 4xSoft white 26 watt) and just get em really close to the plants as close as they can go without it touching the plant or too hot for the back of your hand.

    check out my diy pc grow box i literally spent absolutely no money except for the light. thats all i spent. and it was 25 bucks.

    also collect rain water for neutral ph water. along with some good soil. (or just soil from outside)
  7. weak stem also is there a fan?
  8. thats why i advised him to look at my DIY PC Grower
  9. it's a light issue.

    Get some high end CFL's and have them about 2 inches from your plant.

  10. that the :smoking:perfect answer for you purpledino. :smoking:
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    we already grasped that concept. :p :smoke:
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