Why does this fucker keep haunting me in my dreams and stealing my watch?

Discussion in 'General' started by XXX STYLE XXX, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. Yes it's very strange,
    I keep having dreams, strange dreams, very strange dreams
    I've had it about 5 times now throughout this year.
    It starts out with me going out on the balcony like I always do and smokin a ciggarette, then all of a sudden the balcony collapses and I fall down and break like glass, I become a hundred pieces, it gets a little blurry after that part but next thing I know i'm in some sort of old fashioned restaraunt, and everything is black and white, like you see in the old movies with a live band playing. Out of nowhere Louis Armstrong (one of the greatest soul musicians of all time) jumps down on my table from the ceiling and snatches my watch, its a beautiful silver rolex with diamonds around the face (real), I run after him for what seems like miles, and when I run I cant run as fast as I want, its like something is holding me, He ends up running into an alleyway and when I turn the corner to enter the same alleyway he knocks me out with some sort of blunt weapon. After that it turns into a moderation of dreams but thats the main tripped out sequence i've had numerous times
  2. your shits gonna get jacked......
  3. strangely ive never had weird dreams, im always just hanging out doing normal stuff. i hope i dont jinx myself as im about to go to bed...

    maybe a bowl will sooth everything over

  4. Damn straight he's one of the best soul musicians out there along with BB King and Barry White and such...

    Maybe you will get jacked, maybe you will.....Did you say diamonds?......(contemplating).....
  5. pops stole yo watch! heehee. thats funny as hell.

    i know that theres shit going on in that dream that relates to stuff going on inyour life/head... but i just dont have all the pieces to tell u what it is.
    i hope u figure it out.

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