why does the world ignor dutch polices on mj?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by shadygrowshow, May 30, 2009.

  1. im lucky enough to live in a place were i can catch a plane and be in amsterdam in 55mins and i can be sitting in a coffeshop toking on a fat spliff 2hrs from leaving my house! free to choose wot weed or hash i like and free to smoke without harrasment from the law !(in fact last month i was toking with an off duty dutch cop)ive been lucky enough to have the privelage of going to the netherlands for some 10yrs now and every time i come back to england and go through the bs of proabition towards mj and the lifestyle that goes with it as im sure u guys all know only to well! and every time i have to ask myself this! why when it is obviously working for the dutch?i go over there and see a socity thats tollerent of others were most ppl speak 2 langagues(not including dutch)excellent health system,education system low crime etc and then i have to come back to england were ya average 16 yr old is leaving school with no qualifications,highest teenage pregnancies in europe,highest crime rates,were old peeps die in the winter from the cold cause they cant afford to turn there heating on! highest prison population in europe,! to be told by the powers that be "YOU ARE A CRIMINAL IF YOU SMOKE CANNABIS". WOT THE FUCK!!!!!! so why does the world ignor the dutch? 55mins by plane and im a normal tax paying european citizen! and here im a drug crazed criminal!!!!:mad::mad:
  2. It's no more legal in the Netherlands then where you live. ;) It just happens to be tolerated.
  3. dude thats my point i suppose! and it is legal to grow 2 plants at home 4 personal use and also to carry 5gms i belive the word is decriminalised! so thre for u are not a criminal if u toke! and i dont know if u have been! but it might as well be legal most cert millions of $ collected in taxes and not wasted on busting the average toker! and its decriminalised not legal just to shut the french,uk and u.s govs up. if the dutch wernt so small and in need of trade with these larger countries it would be legal? so why do the world ignor and not be more tolerant?:smoke:
  4. In Boston we are decriminalized as well. An ounce or less is $100 fine. It's a lot better than the alternative for sure. Still no medical marijuana, though. :(
  5. read the thread " drug friendly dutch to close 8 prisons" :hello:
  6. if america decriminalised it all over the nation then im sure the world would follow ! might start a thread about that!!:smoking:

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