why does the media have such a distorted view on underground music?

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  1. so many genres are represented badly in the mainstream, when you hear about something like goth on the news, not one single person has any idea what it is. they say things like 'its uh.. being depressed.. and uh .. cutting yrself' its terrible, because the news/tv is SUPPOSED to be a valuable source for information, but they just are completely uninformed.

    and metal... im watching some show on VH1 thats apparently about metal.. its pathetic, the slowest (and not good doomy/sludgy slow, just boring slow), shittiest riffs, with the worst d&d inspired vocals, i hate this kind of metal. the closest thing they have to good metal is some early thrash, and sometimes theyll play something good by accident, like black sabbath (but a shitty song). theres more to metal than fucking DIO and van halen. most of the shit they play is hard rock to me.

    dont even get me started on 'emo'. even though i dont even like REAL emo that much, its ten times better than scene kids with lame haircuts and girlpants. another genre destroyed by the media.

    and last but not least.. fucking punk rock. if anyone ever tries to tell me greenday are ANY kind of punk rock, ill shoot them in the face. its just horrible.

    its not even like i want underground music played on tv or anything, im just sick of false information being flooded across screens around the world. mass spreading of misinformation.

    anyone agree?
  2. There is decent metal out there. I am not a big listener though. I do believe that Black Sabbath was the best band to do it though.
  3. yeah I know theres good metal, im talking about the media's ideas of metal. its shitty, they call hard rock metal. and dont expose ANY genres since thrash.
  4. The media sucks with everything for the most part.And about the green day thing; at one point in time they were punk rock, and very good. Now i dont know what to call this bullshit that theyre making now.
  5. Simply b.c. metal isnt media friendly music. Most people I know arent huge metal fans. They dont like the sound. I honestly think that there is a gem in every genre of music, so I keep an open mind. But metal doesnt really appeal to teen girls and soccer moms like some hip hop and rock can, so it is stereotyped badly.
  6. most people like whats popular in the media, if other genres got a bit of a push, they might find some interesting music to like.

    but i dont want this music to suddenly become huge or something, im mad that the media gives out false information about it. they do no research at all.
  7. WHOOP WHOOP psychopathic rep that undergrround. but yea i noticed the mida hates things there scared of. why cant they get a good info source for this
  8. What other tv shows/stations are there besides MTV and VH1? MTV and VH1 are Top 40 music players. What do you expect?

  9. have you ever watched the news? a lot of the times, when some kid who dresses in black does something wrong, they give out all this stupid info on goth and metal and punk that shows it as completely immature, stupid, and reckless. its really just, bad information, from whats supposed to be a trustworthy news source (not that any news on tv can be trusted).
  10. All the metal heads I know stereotype genres pretty badly. I would suggest that they should probably have more of an open mind to it if they get mad for the media stereotyping their music. Not saying you are that kind of person.
  11. VH1 Classic... :cool:

    But, yeah I'm not much of a metal person, the only stuff I've heard was on VH1 and I thought it was terrible. Now, I just don't really watch TV anymore, especially anything music based since it's all about the ratings and not about the music.
  12. No, my news station usually reports actual news.

    One time, there was a "gangster" series on Discovery, and they were talking about those Clown Posses or whatever.
  13. yeh but really...like REALLY..metal...doesn't sound pleasing to the average person....and i'll happily slit all goths, emos etc wrists for them if thats not actually what they are into.

    and yeah i fucking hate mainstream music so i dont watch it on tv i listen to it on my computer..
  14. What do you mean by 'average person'? Not everybody shares the same taste in music and everybody is different, so the term 'average' is subjective.

  15. ok..erm.....the mainstream..the majority of people..people who fucking watch MTV and shit...
  16. Yeah. The media always wants to pin blame on something though; look at Columbine and the link to Marilyn Manson.

    The only thing that makes it less bad is I don't think they discriminate (not here anyway); they just as easily link things to rap as metal. "He took drugs coz that rappy-dogg-snoop makes them look all cool n that.."

    But yeah, the world would be a better place if newscasters didn't talk about shit they have no idea about. That's a pipe dream though.
  17. Yup media pins blame is retarded. Anybody remember Syko Sam?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFRxegS-91Y]YouTube - Horrorcore Rapper Mars Interview on CBS News, About Syko Sam McCroskey[/ame]
  18. Underground is outside of the mainstream culture, not below it, but outside of its reach; in another realm.

    It makes perfect sense to me that if any kind of representation would be given to the underground culture by the 'Media', it would be misrepresentation . . . .

  19. Never heard of him but he handled that pretty well overall. He made some important points, and I feel bad because he had to answer the same shitty question twice. It was like "OK, so I heard you the first time, but REALLY, second time around, shouldn't you be held responsible?" Fuck...
    Anyway he held it together. Props to 'Mars'
  20. Dude, seriously? With attitudes like this, you've got to question why you're being misunderstood?

    It's just music, which is one of the most subjective and opinionated things in existence today.

    I mean, you can walk up to 100 "emos" and ask them to define "emo", and you're likely to get 100 different answers, because music and genres that follow are that subjective. And as far as the media flagging them as "depressed and introverted", well, is it really that inaccurate, even if those very traits are nothing more than a way of expressing your rebellion to the mainstream?

    As a final thought, I have to partly blame the musicians themselves. I mean seriously, doesn't matter what genre we're talking about...Pop Rock, metal, emo, grunge, rap...some of these lyrics are pretty fucked up. And if the artist doesn't think they're going to get some negative attention when writing and singing with lyrics like that, we'll then they're just being ignorant or they don't care.

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