why does the government not want us to get high?

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  1. I dont get it.... they ilegalize substances that are nearly harmless and make it seem like being high is..... like raping an infant.... I like to put the chemical THC in my brain, its not like im raping infants. Why do they not want us to be high? Why government? Why?
  2. Yeah they should illegalise raping infants instead

    wait what
  3. Fuck the police
  4. You don't know jack......Raping "Kids" is perfectly legal in the "backwoods south" :eek:

  5. It's because it makes people question the government, and where as tobacco just kills someone slowly.
  6. Because it opens your mind. Anti-establishment. It makes you question, big brother don't like their cattle thinking profound thoughts, they want us simple. Weed is the exact opposite.
  7. Marijuana would have been legal in many different nations' decades ago if it weren't for the US government connately interfering with foreign policies. Canada, as far back as the 70s, has had multiple levels of government advocate for decriminalization and outright legalization. Then the US threatens trade slow-downs and other sanctions.

    Recently, a lot of politicians and lawmakers in BC Canada have been on board with legalization. Here is one story: Legalize marijuana sales, say B.C. experts

    In BC, the leader of the NDP (Canada's official opposition party) is in favour of full legalization.

    The majority of Canadians favour legalization.

    It is only a matter of time.

    But as for America? Who knows. The issue has been far too prominently politicised for far too long. The government can't just reverse decades of propaganda and witch-hunts, not to mention the thousands of non-violent Americans current incarcerated for smoking a flower.

    I would say that education and public pressure will eventually win out on a State level, and then slowly grow in force until it is recognized at a federal level.

    With any luck you will see it happen in your lifetime.
  8. The War on Drugs is corrupt, and the legalisation of cannabis would ensure that a lot of people who both need the money (poor American cities tied to state and federal funding) and people who are greedy for it (corrupt politicians) will have their cash flow halted. So it's basically just a ploy that exploits the Western populace. One among many
  9. Because being high has nothing to do with anything?
  10. This is just me thinking, but a main reason I've always agreed with marijuana being illegal is because people would just get nothing done. At least with it illegal, people have to be discreet about it, and the people that smoke everyday of their holidays to make themselves feel cool would end up doing it before school/work too, be too dopey to get anything done, and possibly lose their school/work place and end up protesting that "weed ruined their life".

    I also find that a lot of people that call themselves "stoners" don't care when they light up, whether its 9am, lunchtime, 4pm or later evening. I'm guilty of smoking during the day too, but it's still intoxicating, and imagine how weird it would be for kids to see people completely baked, laughing their asses off down the street at all hours of the day, because they'd assume that because it's legal, its acceptable.

    I do realise I make it sound like I'm talking about everybody that smokes more than "once in a while", generalising a lot of people and exaggerating at the amount of people who smoke, I'm talking about the dopey ones that smoke a lot because they like the idea of being a "stoner" though. I'm sure you all know 1 or 2 of them.
  11. Cause theyre uneducated pricks!
  12. They're afraid this will happen...:
  13. I heard something about decriminalizing domestic abuse in Kansas....

    Which is weird to me because hash possession is a life sentence just south in Oklahoma lol
  14. Because if you get high you will rape women and kill people for dope, duh
  15. Very simple. Keeping weed illegal nets money for the gov't.
  16. My theory is that weed makes people question things, and goverments dont like that. so they make it illegal and use media to stigmatise the people the do it anyway (us)
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    I am not trying to be rude BUT the NDP are a god damn joke! Just a bunch of wanna be communists. Jack Layton the scum bag that died was one of Canadas biggest open communists!

    Back on track I think the gov. hates a freemind!
  18. wanna know what is even more fucked up? people are getting past this outdated 1930s propaganda bullshit law. know how? legal shit, spice, k2, etc. wanna know what that shit is doing to kids? its giving KIDS heart attacks. it is KILLING kids. great job, american government. now your shitty law is having people get around it by spraying backyard grass clippings with dangerous chemicals that kids are smoking! why are they smoking it? .....cause it's legal. legalize the shit that has never killed anyone to save our fucking youth.
  19. Big pharma will lose Big profits.

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