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Why Does Some Weed Not Burn Well?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Treepuffer313, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Hey blades,
    So I was smoking a joint yesterday with no tobacco but I had to lighting it and it never stayed lit! Why is this?? Is it something to do with flushing??
  2. Maybe the weed wasnt dried enough or you rolled it too tight and couldnt get a decent pull?

    If you have anymore problems like this just send me it and I'll try to see what I can do :p

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  3. Wow never rolled a joint so tight that i haven't been able to pull through. First time for everything lol.
    It was pretty dry so it cant be that.
    Thanks for post :smoke:  
  4. Yeah I've had trees that weren't dry enough and even in a bowel I couldn't get it to stay lit even using a torch lighter, felt like it was hitting a little weaker too. It was like no matter how long I held the flame there it would just not cherry. I've also rolled a doob to tight a few times too mostly when I first started rolling I would roll it so tight that I couldn't get hits off of it so that could be one of the problems. If its not then I'm not sure. But it was probably just rolled to tight because I've packed bowls to tight to get a decent hit too.
  5. Was it broken down enough? That's the #1 reason I use a grinder, because my dumbass friends don't break it down enough and the bowls they pack don't light worth shit cause they're lazy and throw small chunks in.
  6. depends on how it was cured, and at what stage of curing you smoked it at.
  7. Yea was definetly grinded up well, no stems or any of that bullshit in it :D.
  8. I heard that unflushed nutes can have a fireproof effect. I believe it because one time I had some dank cheese that just would not burn in a j. Everything else was fine since you can just light a bowl, and it was great vaped, but the joints would just not stay lit. And it was perfectly dry too.
  9. Has something to do with your rolling
  10. Either too moist or too tight. Not flushing doesn't cause weed not to burn, if it is dry enough it will burn just fine.

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