Why does smoking make me break out?

Discussion in 'General' started by BudBuddy7, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. So i have been noticing that when i smoke weed my face breaks out with pimples. i am through puberty and if i get the rare breakout it is small and easy to cure. But i notice after smoking it looks like i have alot of pimples on my face....is it just me being high or is there somithing really there?

    some information would be great, thanks guys
  2. Either those are hives due to an allergic reaction, or they actually are pimples and are caused by something else.
  3. well its not like i swell up or they are any different then a normal pimple, i just seem to see more of them
  4. take a shower
  5. You don't always swell up when you have a reaction. Sometimes you just get hives and, since you say they are different than normal pimples, my money is on hives.
  6. maybe ur stressed out that somone will catch you... that imballance might make you sweat or just stir things up inside of you... but reeally no idea
  7. I am a very clean person, i shower 2 times a day and i even use proactive to keep my face clean, i was just looking to see if anybody else seems to have this same problem
  8. Sorry if you read that wrong i said they were no different then a regular pimple, thats why i was saying it probably wasnt hives
  9. Read this OP, READ THIS YOU BITCH (lol). When you are high you probably have a tendency to touch and pick at your face. This is what is causing you to break out. Fingers touching your face is always HORRIBLE for your complexion if you have below average skin.

    I notice I find myself picking at pimples and blackheads more often when I am baked. You have to remain disciplined and not touch your face when you are high.

    Same thing goes for poison ivy. When I'm sober i never scratch it, but when I'm high I find myself scratching away.
  10. do you smoke schwag ive heard it gives that shit
  11. I'm going through the occasional break-out too but it's really unlikely it has anything to do with marijuana, smoking cheebah doesn't really affect your face.
  12. I'm seriously doubting it's MJ that is causing your break-outs. As previously suggested, you might be touching your face more, which could give your face more oils from your fingertips.

    Are you feeling stressed when you smoke? I know it should actually relax you, but perhaps your surroundings of tokeage are giving you a potential increase of stress.

  13. I think he said it best guys.
  14. I have the opposite effect when I smoke I get less acne:p I dunno ppls bodies are different.
  15. it's all that jack in the crack man, avoid the curly fries.
  16. Any dermatologist will tell you that smoking tobacco can make your face break out more than usual... so it would probably be safe to assume that smoking marijuana or anything else would have a similar effect. Just start washing your face a little more often.
  17. Honestly, it's really easy to combat..just use a strong anti-acne cream..
  18. Well thanks for the info guys....im assuming that it is me touching or picking at my face as someone above said, and to whatsthatsmell, quitting is not an option :smoke:

    Thanks everybody
  19. What are you eating when you get the munchies? the grease in the food you eat may be causing the pimples.
  20. certain foods do not cause acne
    these factors can:
    * Hormones
    * Body Heat
    * Friction (Tight clothing,etc)
    * Irritation
    * Poor Diet (Our bodies are fueled by a balanced diet, Vitamins A and E are important to the elasticity and health of the skin)

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