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Why does skunk have such a bad rep?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TeHNeutral, Aug 17, 2011.

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    EDIT: guys, this is mainly a UK problem, my friend who's here from Michigan has confirmed my thoughts that in America, breeders and smokers alive love it for it's versatility, smell and smoke

    It seems to be the basis for a HUGE amount of breeding, according to hazemarijuanaseeds, it's part of the original haze, is used in cheese and countless other strains that I cannot be bothered to list.

    So why does it have such a horrible rep?

    I've been told it has shitty cbd levels (which is weird because it's indica dominant) or some other bollocks.

    At least, in the UK, it has a horrid rep.
    Another seasoned toker told me lemon haze was shit because of the "skunk origin", "why would you cross a haze with some shitty skunk". (funny because it's in haze genetics)

    Anyway is there any factual reason for the crappy rep on what seems to be one of the most versatile strains around?

  2. because theyre smelly
  3. Idk I've never had it or heard of the bad rep
  4. I had no clue it had a bad reputation
  5. In the UK, even the more hardcore tokers I know seem to have a stigma against it, and name dropping strains they prefer like cheese that have a skunk basis.

    It's a media created stigma but I've never heard any legitimate reasons.

    Some BBC program said it was "genetically engineered for maximum THC yield" lol...

    sad times in media
  6. Never heard anything bad about it...besides it being stinky.
  7. i have never heard anything bad about "skunky" smelling bud. i was always informed from once i first became a pothead, that skunky bud was ultimate
  8. Of course skunk is great man. It's got 99% THC. Genetically engineered by doobie the pothead who has a degree in drug manufacturing.
  9. 99% THC?
    Really man?

    Come on now ...
  10. Skunk is not the name given to "genetically engineered" weed, its a fuckin strain

    am i high, or is that article fuckin retarded?

    why is my first sentence the name of the titleeeeeeeee,


  11. That's what I'm saying

    It has a disgusting rep here and after doing research I can see everything I was ever told was bollocks.

    It's such an important strain, I honestly think it must have changed the face of the breeding scene...
  12. You mean there's people that don't WANT skunk? The only reason I could think of is because it smells so fucking much and therefore harder to "contain." But that's like trying to keep a beautiful wild stallion caged and only riding it when you feel like ;)
  13. maaan then the people around you are f'n stupiddddddddddd if they think thatt

  14. It's all mass media hype that everyone believes, even the smokers who say everything else they tell you is bullshit.

    It's kind of sad.
  15. Yeah its does have a badrep in england with the media but i love getting me some super skunk :)

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