Why Does Satan Punish The Evil?

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  1. I'm an atheist, but I come in peace to people of all religions. I just want this question answered because it's been in the back of my mind for quite some time now. Obviously, this is for those who believe in heaven and hell as LITERAL, ACTUAL places

    My question is, when a 'bad' person is sent to hell, why does Satan punish them with eternal torture? What is Satan's motive behind punishing people who defied God just as he did?

    To me this doesn't make any sense. Unless of course, God is present in hell (which he has to be, otherwise God is not omnipresent), but since he's present in hell, doesn't that make him Satan as well? If not, then what's Satan's purpose if God is the one punishing sinners and not Satan?

    If I've got horrible logic or dumb questions, please go easy on me!
  2. Well because when they were brainstorming the religion, they needed to scare the people into thinking Hell was a place and you go there to be punished, in order to scare you. Since no one knows what REALLY happens after death, how can anyone disprove it? Duh?
  3. "My question is, when a 'bad' person is sent to hell, why does Satan punish them with eternal torture? What is Satan's motive behind punishing people who defied God just as he did?"

    To answer both questions, Satan is not punishing them, he doesn't have control over who is punished and who isn't. Even Satan is in Hell unwillingly. God is punishing him by keeping him in hell, as well as unbelievers. But there are different levels of Hell. Some people lived much more evil lives than others (Hitler, Nero) so they'll be burning hotter than others.

    obviously some people on here won't agree with me and that's their prerogative
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    Budder81's got it right but for the purposes of argument...

    The official line is that he's getting punished the worst of all in Hell. Ever read the Inferno? He lives at the literal bottom of the Universe, embedded in a lake of ice which, get this, is frozen because he's beating his wings so hard in a vain attempt to escape.

    And he has to eat traitors.

    Satan isn't the ultimate punishment: he's the ultimate example.

    Of course, the idea of an ultimate good guy in an idealized good place and and an ultimate bad guy in an idealized bad place kind of invites people to find other similarities. So, or at least it seems to me, people think to themselves: Well, God's top dog in Heaven, right? So Satan would have to be boss in Hell.

    Makes perfect (non)sense.
  5. Yeah, apparently God's in charge of both heaven and hell... Satan's just hell's top customer. The idea of Satan being in charge of hell comes from the (greek?) god Pluto being in charge of the hellish underworld, Hades. But according to common interpretation of the Bible, satan burns with the rest of us.
  6. I agree, mostly.

    Besides, the idea of an omniscient, benevolent God and eternal hell are mutually exclusive. Here's why:

    When God creates a soul, he knows that this soul will make the incorrect choice and therefore be eternally damned. This seems to me to be an inexcusable act of malevolence and leaves the believer with two choices - God exists, or eternal hell exists, but not both.
  7. i thought that sinners had satan in them? how can satan be inside sinners on earth if he is stuck in Hell unwillingly?
  8. I dont follow traditional religious beleifs, so what i'm about to say is probably irrelevant. But i feel our view or concept of heaven, is just the afterlife - when our soul fulfilled its purpose on earth, and is able to rejoin the whole universal community. Hell, is when a soul (on earth, in physical form) does not fulfill its earthly duties, whether it be from ignorance, "sin", or whatever. In that case, he is reput on this earth, which can be "hell," to this person. This is my beleif. Its sort of a stem off the buddhist tradition of the 8-fold path and nirvana, etc. but this is just my own gut intuition/feeling/beleif. I feel heaven is just bliss for the soul after our mere physical existence. Hell is just being put back into bodily form to re-attempy to further,progress, and fulfill the soul

  9. It would be a Roman God, the Romans named their God's after planets or vice versa I can't remember.:smoking:

  10. roman and greek gods are both named after the planets. Its just the greeks had different names for the planets than we do (and only knew of five) whereas the romans used the names we are familar with. If it were greek, it couldnt have been the planet plato - that wasn't a known planet to the ancient greeks - though he was a greek philosopher
  11. There's a few things that I don't understand: In the Bible it says that Satan tried to tempt Jesus into doing wrong and the Church preaches that Satan will tempt you in your life as well, but how can he possibly do that if he is stuck unwillingly in Hell? Also the 6th Commandment specificaly states: Thou shall not murder. But the Old testament is full of stories of battles in which God helped one side or the other. I see two things wrong with this: One: Why would God allow soldiers to break his commandments and Two: Why would God directly harm his own people, who, whether they believe in Him or not, according to the Christian and Jewish Beliefs he created them? It doesn't add up at all. I can't imagine why people STILL follow these religions when all you have to do is look and you can spot the holes.
  12. NFloyd posted a interesting article a little while back, I found it interesting, maybe you will too? :)

    Did Jesus Christ Really Live?

  13. Definitely an interesting read, but all it did was prove that the Bible is not to be taken literally but i think its a great book that if read correctly and if you have a sense of reality then you would know its not meant to be taken literally, its just stories that help you live a good life....is that so bad? its the people who take it literally that give Christians a bad name. Of course theres no literal heaven or hell but instead its a metaphor for what your life will be like, if you do good things you life will be good (heaven) If you do bad things, bad things will happen (Hell). At least thats what i take from the bible, all you have to do is sift through the religion aspect and the things the corrupted church added in the Council of Trent and what you have left is a guide on how to live your life and society has done that...the commandments (at least the non-religious ones: dont kill, commit adultery, steal etc.) are society's base laws around which other laws are formed.
  14. Which was most likely created with the intent of manipulation and most certainly is used as such today. The bible is an important part of history and should become only that.

  15. My point exactly
  16. haha well most Christians are against smoking weed as its 'DRUGS' but hey... I bet everyone in hell blazes up err day! :laughing:

  17. Genesis 1:29....nuff said:D
  18. Words are useless. :p

  19. You saying that proves that statement false. You used words to express how useless they are....if you didnt have words how would you have expressed that? How would express any opinion outside of yes or no? Words are extremely important, yes body language can be used but only to an extent.
  20. What I write here in this thread is just by my learning and what I have been taught and experienced in my life. Just think of this as another persons perspective

    That is satan's job. He is evil. satan is of course an evil being right? and God is a good being and "being" is a huge understatement. I believe there are many reasons why a person is considered "bad". But ultimately it is God who judges us. A good example I'm sure you've heard this before. Compare us as humans to ants. We have the capability to decide if an ant will live or die by one push of our finger or one step. But we also have the capability to care and nurture ants. Its similar with God and us. Except God is Love right? But theres so many people dying of hunger, from wars, drugs, murders? How can God let that happen? Think about the ants again, they are so small to us and we have the knowledge to make a choice: to kill them or let them go on with their lives. God is I'm sure, much more knowledgeable then us humans and much more powerful than us. God is that big. God is God and we are ants. But we are not mindless or soulless beings. We were made in the image of God and God has a personality just like we do except he can see so much more. He is God. he is able to look at the world as a whole every person moving, talking, thinking. even with all the death, hunger, wars, murderous acts. I'm just naming a few things but God is able to see the bigger picture.

    satans motive is to kill us without having the chance to know about God and Jesus. satan is a liar a really good liar. maan theres so much more to explain this post would get way to long though. Do you think God is more powerful than satan? He has to be right? God created the world, actually the Universe and he created everything that we see. Well, I guess whether or not you believe that it doesn't pertain to your question haha getting off topic...

    Just like light and dark can not be in the same room. God and satan can not be in the same place. satans purpose? i think only God can truly answer that question. But satan is evil and evil beings usually have negative motives.

    All these questions are really good. Seriously, keep questioning and keep thinking and keep seeking answers. I'm still on a journey myself and theres still so many unanswered questions that I really want answers to. All I come back to is God's love.
    Would you say that all humans are sinners? No one is perfect except for God because of course he is God. Maaan theres so much more to talk about I wonder how this threads going to progress. Don't settle with one source of information try looking at things from both sides and different angles and perspectives.

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