Why Does Rand Paul's new campaign manager work with a white supremacist?

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  1. Rand Paul's new campaign manager is Jesse Benton, who is also the current Senior VP of Ron Paul's lobbying organization Campaign for Liberty.

    The Campaign for Liberty does work throughout the country by appointing state, regional and county coordinators. Those coordinators are responsible for the recruitment, training and activism of local members. Though the states have a certain degree of autonomy, the Campaign for Liberty national HQ has the power to fire or remove coordinators.

    The Fayette county Kentucky coordinator for Campaign for Liberty is Basil "Bazz" Childress, a white supremacist. He is the chairman of the Kentucky League of the South. And as the SPLC notes, the Kentucky League of the South is a white supremacist hate group that advocates a second southern secession from the Union.

    Here's Bazz talking about the war of northern aggression:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFqc0T_tDrw"]YouTube - Bazz Childress Speaks To The Fayette County KY Constitution Party - 1 of 7[/ame]

    So now you can add the Kentucky League of the South to Stormfront.org, David Duke, the Ohio Freedom Fighters militia, Randall Terry, and the John Birch Society as groups that support Rand Paul.

    But nope, no racism or radical extremism to see here!
  2. Wait a second here. What are u getting at?

    Because these people support him, that he must support them?

    I am pretty sure if u asked Rand Paul about his views on racism, he would not agree with these groups listed.

    Or am I wrong?
  3. Guilty by association. Oh wait... :rolleyes:
  4. What is this, 6 degrees of racism? :rolleyes:
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    Yeah, Rand Paul's a white supremacist...

    And Barack Obama is a racist anti-American Nigerian Muslim Black Liberation Theologist Terrorist.

  6. Come one now this is just getting ridiculous.

    George Bush went to a party at Hunter S. Thompsons house once in the 1970's. That must mean GWB is an acid taking gonzo reporting hippy right?

    Note: Bush realy did go to a party at Thompsons and according to Thompson Bush ended up passed out drunk in his bath tub.

    Of course your probably gonna come back and say something to the effect of:

    "I didn't say Rand Paul was a racist! LOLOLo I just that all these racist organizations support him and didn't try to insinuate anything OMG stop putting words in my mouth"
  7. Rand still has some more work to do... he is not on the Sothern Poverty Law Centers "Meet the Patriots" list yet. His old man along with Judge Napolitano, Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachmann, and Paul Broun, are the "enablers".

    Honestly, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a joke and Mark Potok is a troll that needs to go back under his bridge
  8. I seem to recall a lot of outrage and disgust at Obama's racist "spiritual mentor," Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr.:rolleyes:

    Obama must be praying that its Rand Paul he will end up in the ring with..

  9. Theres a slight difference.....

    These are just people who support Ran Paul, not people Rand Paul supports.

    Obama went to that church, so I don't know why it wouldn't be assumed that he doesn't support the message of said church.

    Remember how they tried to say Obama would be bad because he knew Bill Ayers. Yep same thing as this here.
  10. LOL you boys are always good for a chuckle or two.

    And your right Mr. Goblin between your balls and your asshole, i never did say anything about Rand Paul being a racist. Projecting a little? Just pointing out some of his vocal supporters. What a nice little bunch.

    I find it interesting none of you had condemned the fact that your favorite lobbying group has a blatant white supremacist as their head coordinator in Kentucky, and no one has gotten rid of him even though they clearly have the authority and power to.
  11. Gee Dickie, good to see you're thinking for yourself.

    I guess Obama is a black supremacist because the Black Panthers support him. Not only do they support him, they intimidate white voters at polling stations. Obviously Barack endorses this divisive racism, because he hasn't denounced it yet. God, I can't believe how much of a racist Obama is.
  12. You might also remember, there was a lot of disgust that the MSM would resort to such low-ball slandery.

    Why? He doesn't want to be President anymore?/zing
  13. Yeah I'm projecting Dickie yeah you got me pinned. I'm a racist cause I support
    private property rights and secure borders. Damn son you know me better than I do.

    Has that group done an anything that SPECIFICALLY promotes white supremacist policies?

    I'm asking a question because I have no idea, please inform me Dickie, let me suckle knowledge from your titties of pure wisdom.
  14. i'm confused :confused: <--- see?

    so he's not a racist now?
  15. He never was!

    Gulliable ppl lol.
  16. He never was!

    Gullible ppl lol.

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