why does no one care...

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  1. that we dont matter... humans are without meaning other than what we believe it to be...

    what is the point? perhaps death shall be more fun

  2. Spend your time living proving death is different from life.

    Wouldn't that be joyous?
  3. Right on!

    You've got the idea man i like it!
  4. Do you ever think that none of this matters at all, life doesent matter. Its the after life is what we should be worrying about. Do we go to heaven? Hell? Start over? This life either has no meaning at all, or has everything to do with what happens in the afterlife.

    I was watching tv before and a guy said he died, his life passed before his eyes. It showed how evil he was. And he only lived to teach us how to be good and live right.

    I think about this shit 24/7
  5. Heaven's here on earth.

    Heaven's in our hearts.

    Earth -->h-->Heart
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    Because people don't care about one pretentious point.

  7. Perhaps they define something they don't care about.
  8. I've been thinking about this alot recently and im not really 100% sure about what i think but... I deff agree that we dont matter/ are without meaning. You can't really answer: what's the point of our exsistance?" because no one reallys knows. no one who's alive at least. I think what you can do tho, is just take life for what it seems to be, exsistance for the sake of exsistance. Just exsist however you see fit. Do what you like to do and try to make your time on this earth as enjoyable as possible for yourself, and fuck whatever consequences this may bring after life, if any. I've been trying to do this but it really is easier said than done.

    This makes sense to me in theory but i try to do things that make me happy, like smoke, play music, just hang out and generally try to enjoy exsisting, but i always have this overwhelming feeling that im wasting my life, that im going to regret living in this way once it's too late. i guess i just have to find something to spend my time on that feels worthwile. idk now im just rambling on. But very interesting question threadstarter.
  9. No one knows what happens after death. We don't have any evidence that anything happens, I assume nothing happens. All we have is this planet. Every act of kindness ever committed, was committed on this lonely blue planet. Think about it. If there is a heaven, perhaps you'll go there by being a good person. But you shouldn't count on it- instead just focus on making earth as heavenly as possible so that future generations have a more tolerant society, with less famine, less disease, less poverty, less bigotry, and more opportunity to pursue the many pleasures life has to offer.

    Keep in mind, things keep getting better with technology. And now we have the internet and computers are becoming exponentially more powerful and cheaper. All we have to do is avoid killing and oppressing ourselves, so we can focus on constantly improving our society. Hundreds of years ago some people were treated like farm equipment and barely lived past 30. That was a shitty life. You can just work hard for a few months and take a plane to -any- part of the world that suits you the most if you like, and that's not explicitly limited to those living in the most modern or the most wealthy parts of the world. Vaccines and medicine and health care allow this upcoming generation to easily live a full century. Just work hard by setting a good example for other people by doing what's right, regardless of what any authority says.


  10. joy is an emotion... a false 'feeling' spured by the evolutionary release of chemicals in the brain...

    human life is.... sad, if nothing else

    life is a miracle, no doubt there... the complexity and chance is just astounding, and yet, it all doesnt matter...

    i dont know, i dont care

    (but i do care, i just dont know.... the best we can do is conjecture at this point)

    btw... heaven and hell... wtf... who the fuck has been brainwahsed to believe these are physical places... religion is a cancer on human society, drawing funding from science, and attention from the question of the meaning of human life;...

  11. No blame.

    Sure, you might have it all figured out because you read science articles. But when it comes to your love life, just try to use your facts and knowledge.

  12. i dont know quite how to take this... is it veiled sarcasm, or just relativly random?

    im confused :(

  13. Science is figures. It's whatever you truly feel it is. Personally I'm not big on definition.
  14. Doesn't that mean we can create our own universal meanings without fear of retribution?

    The state of being that you call death, will be your fate regardless of how much fun it is, or when it comes to you in your brief chronology.

    Perhaps the question you should be asking yourself is, why do we all care so much?

    No other creature in the known universe has an imagination, a conscious, a collective memory, a written language, or the interplanetary ability to stand above itself, take pictures of it all, and to try to correct its own stupid mistakes. Only Humans do that.

    Because we do care, and we care a lot.
  15. we have been conditioned to be apathetic, we are hopeless in living pow camps, break free and see the truth, that life does have meaning and that each unique individual can effect change and improve humanity. Don't live the sterotypical nihilist stoner life, that is a cop out for actually living.
  16. i agree, humans do care, a lot do anyway.

    i disagree on that we use all our greatness to fix our stupid mistakes. if we really wanted to fix our stupid mistakes we would let down the curtin to reality, not try and cover it only to make more stupid mistakes. it's unfortunate that the ones who care and have everyone's best interest at heart usually don't have a lot of say in what we do next.
  17. Well you've got something right, there is no point. Were here on a planet with no reason other then an unexplainable joining of matter creating different anatomical strains making single celled bacteria that started grouping together. Then evolved into something more, a sponge. Doesn't sound impressive but it really is, life coming together from nothing creating smarter more complex organisms until we get to us. Now I believe in evolution, so I think we all came from this bacteria. Think about this, bacteria, an organism with presumably no consciousness creating something that can speak, that can build civilizations, that can fly, drive, go into space; all from one single cell billions of years ago.

    Life doesn't having any ultimate meaning, no life after death, only death. But life is something phenomenal. It is something that is unexplainable and completely beautiful. Sure theirs so much shit in this life that may not be so great. Loved ones being murdered, children being killed, heartbreak, bullshit politics, apathetic countrymen letting our nations go to hell, all the other shit, but without this, life would be pretty damn bland. After a while you would be completely jaded.

    See when I was about 9 I had a conversation with my uncle. Their were some mesquites in the car and I slapped one off of my arm and asked "what is the point of these things". He looked back at me and said "what is the point of you"? Now I don't think he meant it to affect me but it did. It made me think, and I couldn't answer these questions. It was depressing, honestly it made me suicidal. For 10 years I lived in what I can only label as a mental hell. Then I found something last summer, peace. I realized sure their is no point, sure when I die their is nothing, and their is nothing I can do about it. But I'm not dead yet, I'm alive. This is something I can't squander. I'm the lucky one who made through out of the millions that could, and I'm going to take advantage of that. Thats to answer your question. Alot of people do care, I used to care and it was torment, but I think it made me a better person in the end. And others don't care because they hide behind a religion. But you shouldn't care. Your alive man, smoke some weed and relish in this gift that will only come once.
  18. What's to care about? So we are all pointless, if that is the case why does it matter?
  19. It seems more liberating than anything. :)

  20. You give your own life meaning. If you can't do that, then you really need to reevaluate yourself as a person.

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