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why does my weed smell like coffee???

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by lenzslaw, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. alright 3 days ago i picked up 5gs of high range mids. Ive no idea what genetics it has.
    When i first got it smelt good and proper, like really strong as well.
    smokes fine, tastes fine, looking fine and it got be hell stonned the night i got it.
    well i opened up my stash tin this mourning and it now smells of coffee??? Ive no idea how as the tin never had coffee in it before. i was wondering if someone could offer an explanation
  2. someone may have transported it in coffee beans, some people seem to think dogs cant smell drugs if they're hidden in coffee:laughing:
  3. ^^^ If you ever go to the cologne/perfume section of your local mall, some of them have little shakers full of powdered coffee beans to cover the smell of one perfume to try another.

    In a situation like this, they surround the weed in coffee beans hoping that the feds won't be able to smell it if they are stopped.

    Your weed is fine.
  4. some kush has a bit of a coffeeish smell
  5. alot of retards try to use coffee beans as a cover in the smugl dizl they dono nothin bout no led based automotivepaint

  6. kind of true, if you have any trace of smell outside of the bag of coffee, like say you touch the weed then close up the coffee dogs can track it, if you wear gloves put the weed in the coffee, take them off close it up, it will be fine.
  7. Sometimes my weed smelles a tiny bit like coffe. Just smoke it
  8. I can testify to this as well.
  9. I usto pick up 14g's of this real good mids that smoked amazingly. and it smelt, and tasted like some fruity ass coffee that your local coffee shop would sell...

    it was definatly the best mids I ever came across...seems to be gone now.
  10. Yeah bro when I get dank sometimes it definitaly has a coffee smell.

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