why does my weed smell like burning hair?

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  1. theres something youre not telling us

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  2. the fuck-you fairy laced your shit in your sleep

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  3. it was the miracle grow

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  4. it was that nasty ass dead mouse water

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  1. tl;dr, just harvested and the herb smells like burnt hair only when smoked

    been growing a few years, never had anything like this. i've had weed covered in dog fur that smelled better than this stuff. i had two grows, one outdoors, few plants, males culled. one indoors that i started just as an experiment and ended up going to seed. outdoors i used an organic deer repellent called bobbex because i wouldnt be there all the time to keep animals away so i thought it could have been that. now harvesting and drying the seed crop, noticing the same issue so it cant be the bobbex because i didnt use it indoors. is it because i didnt flush? i only fertilized during early veg in the spring time, noticed i over did it and stopped so i figured i wouldnt need to flush since it has been months since the last fertilizing. i even used banana and orange peels mixed in the indoor crop soil to try to get some of those sweet terps into my herb. also, in the past ive never used more than a sprinkle of osmocote to fertilize but this year i used the blue water soluble miracle grow shit. its the only common denominator between the outdoor and indoor. i used sink water for the indoor and watered the outdoor with collected rain water, which admittedly definitely got stagnant af, but i didnt use any pesticides

    i'm quite bummed because on the one hand i grew enough weed to get me to next harvest and it medicates me just fine but when i smoke it, it smells o.d like burning hair and its super disappointing because i love the smell of weed. to clarify, the bud looks normal, no mold, no bugs, smells fine, smells fine in the jar, smelled fine when i decarbed the trim to make my oils, even tastes great in the joint but for some reason the smoke smells like fucking burning hair and i hate it

  2. Don't use miracle grow.
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  3. should i have flushed despite the atleast 3 months between fertilizing and harvest?
  4. Flushing before harvest does nothing.
  5. is there anything i can do? put lemon rind in the jars or somethin?
  6. Make edibles.
  7. This:rolleyes:
  8. should i have flushed anyway despite the months between the last use of the miracle grow and harvest? is there anything i can do? i dont mean to be rude but its too late bro, i already used it so telling me not to use it is not helpful at all
  9. If it’s been months since the last application then I doubt that’s the issue.
    But I’m with you, organically grown cannabis done right will always produce the highest quality flower. :thumbsup:
  10. thanks for the response. it has indeed been months since the last application. i have 0 clue what could be causing this smell. is it the genetics? ive never smoked anything that smells like this so idk if there even are "burning hair" terp genes. but to add some info, this personal strain ive been growing the last 7 or 8 years started as brick weed, then mixed with sour d and strawberry blue, then mixed with random bag seed from a gg4 and haze pick up. none of those previous strains smelled anything like this, even the brick weed dog hair everywhere phase
  11. Try a water cure on a few grams. Soak in water for five to seven days, changing the water once or twice daily. When the water remains clear, dry your cannabis and give it another try,
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  12. thanks a ton for the response. i'll give it a try and report back in a week or so
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  13. water cure seems to have done the trick. tried a couple grams, soaked em a couple days, changing the water. when the water was clear i flash dried the nugs in the oven, got it hot to 500, then turned it down to 250, let it set for 15 minutes, then put the nugs in, flipping occaisionally to stop them burning. i probably wont do the flash dry again, i was just impatient, but i got the rest of my crop soaking in water now.

    thousand thanks for your help. you saved my medicine kind internet stranger.
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