Why does my weed disappear when I vape?

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  1. Hi guys, I have one of those desktop vapes that uses a whip. I noticed that after each hit I take, some weed disappears from the whip. The screen is in place pretty good, so it's not the weed simply falling out. Does anyone know why some weed disappears everytime I vape? Is this normal?
    For example, if I put in 0.6, then about 0.1 disappears with each hit I take.

  2. Our eyes are very easily deceived with estimations like this. But you are going to see a reduction in volume in your vape stem from the material becoming more compact from airflow, and not to mention a fully vaped bowl will lose a substantial amount of mass via vaporization than a full green bowl.

    So combination of the 3.
  3. Why does my weed burn when I smoke it?
  4. Probably laced.
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    Uhm, no. When you vape weed the moisture is sucked out when the heat gets to it. The weed doesn't necessarily get smaller but a lot drier. But you do vape the active chemicals on the material. You will lose weight from this.
  6. It's not sucked out its turned into vapor, delicious vapor.
  7. The moisture Sir!
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    Nah we're both right, it is getting sucked out just as vapor. Got me thinking though, the chlorophyll must be too and that is why it turns brown? I know chlorophyll is good for you so I wonder if vaping it is too? 
  9. Yup, plant matter does also vaporize. Chlorophyll being pretty volatile compare to waxes or tannins

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