Why does my weed disappear when I vape?

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  1. Hi guys, I have one of those desktop vapes that uses a whip. I noticed that after each hit I take, some weed disappears from the whip. The screen is in place pretty good, so it's not the weed simply falling out. Does anyone know why some weed disappears everytime I vape? Is this normal?

  2. None of your weed should be disappearing... When you vape the bud definitely contracts a bit so you may put .2 in the vape and only have .1 after vaping...Other than that, Not sure if some of your bud is falling onto your heating element or into the unit itself...Hard to tell without knowing what brand/ a picture.
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    post a picture of your vape and whip...
    and don't post 10 threads about it.
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    Its disappearing? Well geez, i want what your smoking!
  6. What temperature is it set at? If it's too high, it could be combusting

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