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Why does my weed crackle and pop

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Wocka, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. why does my weed crackle and pop when i smoke it? i rolled a joint and couldnt even finish it, somethings wrong with this weed. it looks dank as fuck but kinda smells like earthy poop smell. ive been smoking for 8 years and this is the first time ive never finshed a jay because i didnt like the smoke...

    alien weeed?
  2. It can be cured inproperly man!
  3. Check for seeds, they cause popping.
  4. If the "weed" you rolled is your avatar or whatever then it's because you're smokin on some pink poodle hairs. either that or its seeds and stems makin the noise
  5. seeds and stems or maybe it wasnt cured or dried right ... maybe its laced with crack? jk i hope not
  6. I bet the grower failed and added nutes till the very end without flushing. gross!
  7. [quote name='"Salty Shack"']Check for seeds, they cause popping.[/quote]

    This is my bet. I've smoked similar buds Op, you're good. Now go finish that joint :D
  8. are u guys serious check for seeds? what the hell do you think i am- a rock smoking weed? of course theres no fucking seeds!!!

    aint no stems

    and whos hateing on my avatar shits tight

    it was cured right by how it burns etc, but i dont think it was flushed... i smoked lastnight with this girl and it made her throw up randomly..

    i smoked it this morning and i just noticed it makes my stomach go super beast munchie mode
  9. were trying to help so dont start yelling man. all :)

  10. Sorry for trying to help, i won't try to do it again to you.
  11. maybe i came off to harsh

    are any of u guys smoking seeds?

    and look at my avatar its obviously crip :p
  12. [quote name='"Wocka"']maybe i came off to harsh

    are any of u guys smoking seeds?

    and look at my avatar its obviously crip :p[/quote]

    Nobodies smoking seeds haha. I agree that everyone saying "watch out for seeds and stems" is fairly obvious.
  13. Obviously you put rice crispys in your weed you trickster you!
  14. [quote name='"Salty Shack"']

    Sorry for trying to help, i won't try to do it again to you.[/quote]

    Come on. If you asked this question and everyone said look out for seeds and stems you'd be annoyed too.
  15. Maybe the rice krispies guys grew it, I think the snap one died so that's why it doesn't snap too.
  16. hahaha im gonna smoke a bowl with my friend and then after he hits it and sees the popping and crackin' ill tell him were trying some new rock
  17. yeah snap was fucking around with hard drugs and he went on a downward spiral.

  18. or tell him its pop rock kush haha
  19. If its not the bud itself, you may be lighting a lighter too close to the bowl and having pieces of flint fly into the green.

    my .02 :confused_2:
  20. I know what you mean when your say your weed crackles and pops.. My first grow I didnt flush my plants and kept giving them nuts until harvest.. 2 weeks later I smoked some of the cured bud and it was popping like crazy, and every harsh on the lungs.. Your weed has been over fertilized, examin the bud under a light and look for signs of nutrient burn. If the bud is unsmokeable you can still make hash oil or cook with it.

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