Why does my seedling look like this? (pics)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BillyKing940, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. So I got some seeds and I germinated them etc. Then I planted them and put it root down, everyday I would water the soil when it’s close to dry and it would be in the sun , around 75 degrees day time.
    Can anyone tel me what happened?
  2. You are joking mate eh?
  3. LMAO.. love post like these. Must be a new hybrid strain hahahaha. Keep growing it out soon you will have a frog on that lilly pad.
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  4. For one thing your soil looks like mud and you don't have any perlite. ;)
  5. That’s a good looking turnip. :)
  6. All joking put a side your seed probably died from damping off. That plant that is growing is just something you had in your soil, in the top pic you have another one starting to grow. Start over and read up on proper soil and how to germinate.
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  7. Yeah.....not cannabis

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