Why does my plant look like this..

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SweenDawg, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. So I dont know why this bag seed looks like this but it has been grown 12/12 from seed in a room with 6 other 12/12 from seed and 2 females.. no other plants had this growth formation or leaves..
    Either way I'm killing it right now just in case .. I dont want to ruin the 2 females that I vegged for 2 months

    Anyway.. tell me what you think of this autistic child.. 20181108_073248.jpg 20181108_073300.jpg 20181108_073314.jpg
  2. Well I dont kill very often. Nay I ask what u are using for a medium? I'm thinking ph and medium that's not right. Medium that has no perlite? Dense soil that the roots don't get air

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  3. It's in hydro
  4. I would keep it. If that's some kind of superfreak weed, one-in-a-trillion $uperstar... who knows.
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  5. Aerated NFT system.. low ppm, the other plants In the same line dont look like this.. I geuss if its still alive when I get home I'll give it a few more days to show sex
  6. I kept my last mutant - It started with 3 cotyledons and got more fucked up from there but with love, it yielded me 3 ounces !!! It was an Auto by the way!
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  7. 12/12? You force them to flower early. Stick to 18/6 or 20/4.

    That is a nice tomato plant dude lol jk
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  8. Lol you say jk but I thought a seed somehow got mixed up at first lol.. also, the 12/12 sea of green is just a one time test run on this nft system.. not something I plan on doing in the future.. but these 12/12 from seed are gonna make great Christmas presents!

    If I ever do another sea of green I'll veg for a good 6 weeks before forcing flower, since they cant flower until somewhat matured and established root growth

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  9. Update**

    Showed sex today it's a female
    Gonna move her into 20/4 on Monday.. (getting 2 new qb288's)
  10. Looks like Celery i grew last year!
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