Why does my pipe stopped working correctly?

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  1. Hi,

    Im new to the forums. I bought a pipe about 15 days ago and it worked well for some days. The first time i used it , I put a bit of weed and fire it, and then start smoking. When weed was completely burn i put a little more. The second time i filled all the pipe. It worked well until the surface was all burnt and there were ashes so It didnt allow me to burn the bottom, where there was a lot of weed.

    Now , whenever I use a pipe, I swallow a lot of ashes , its really unconfomrtable. I have aleready cleaned with alcohol and water. Its a wooden pipe, a very small one.

    Btw, I use pipe because I think it lets u save some weed. Because when my friend invited me some hits with his pipe, he just put a little quantity of weed, and we both got stoned just with that little quantity. However a joint is more comfortable but it spends too much weed. Is that trute? or is just a myth?

    Also i dont know why, but sometimes , after smoking weed, my lungs become like weaker? I mean, i cant breath the same quantity of air as i usually do. This last for some days. It happened to me twice. Any suggestion? Thx !
  2. i bet the shortness of breath is cause ya got shot in the back.

    nah but seriously, just pack it up and smoke it down. keep the ash cleaned out of it, that should help with the sucking through.
  3. not supposed to use weed ina wooden pipe.
  4. Problem here is you have a wooden pipe, you can't clean those without pipecleaners.
  5. Yeah but its not that wooden pipe you think. Its like a handcrafted pipe, the long part is made of wood and the bowl is made of a plant i guess.

    Any ideas about the breath problem?

    Btw, is pipe better for saving some weed than using papers?

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