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Why does my friend get so high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pygrus, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Okay, I have this friend that I introduced to weed thats been smoking every day for the past 4 or 5 months. He gets higher than anyone else I have ever known. He cannot control him self when he smokes, he used to have "bad trips" all the time but now its getting better. He still geeks out more than anyone else I have ever known and still can't control himself. His whole life until this last month he has been on many different kinds of medication for bipolar, depression, anxiety and a long list of other mental issues. I know that after I take hallucinogenics and smoke weed I get higher and occasionally have minor hallucinations, would his past medications kinda work like that and make him higher? That is the only thing I can think of but I don't even know how solid of a theory it is. If anyone has any idea why my friend gets so high please help me out, we are all a little confused by him.
  2. hes crazy hang less with him.

  3. +rep awesome
  4. ^ This.

    He just needs to chill out and stop trying to act the way he does, because it must be annoying as hell.
  5. Man, just let him be. He's probably having fun so why not let him?

  6. It is, hes getting a little better i guess but, its still pretty bad. We don't take him to any sketchy areas. Before weed he had his problems and I could always help him control himself. But when he smokes it is so hard to control him, been in some pretty sketchy situations before.
  7. With people like that you just have to sit back and watch the show. I don't see why everyone gets so annoyed unless the kid is acting like a dick.

    I find it to be extremely funny and it reminds me of the old days :smoke:

  8. I'm not saying that I'm always trying to control him, its just I have no clue why, and it would be nice to actually have part of a conversation with him at times, just tried talking to him on the phone, he didn't understand a word I said, I'd think he would be used to weed now, we usually smoke 15-30 bowls everyday with another person.

  9. Yeah, its fun and I get to fuck with him, but when he has his bad trips or we are in a somewhat sketchy situation and he freaks out or geeks out its kinda annoying.

  10. 15-30 bowls is alot. He is just out of his mind high. If i smoked that much i would pass the fucked out right after i ate all the food in my house.
  11. Just let him be. He is just growing up, and is a little confused to be honest. When he gets high, he just wants to escape.

    I've been there, and I've known some people who have as well.

  12. Okay....I've been smoking for ~5 years and if I smoked that much every day I'm positive I'd be having trouble controling myself and having bad highs too. Shit, if I did that I'd probably wake up still baked lol

    Don't have him smoke so much.
  13. Wow...sounds ALOT like me. I seriously believe that ADD/depression/etc meds seriously change the way weed affects your brain. I mean I used to never take any of this shit besides just adderall which i stopped taking a year or two before smoking. when i smoked then my highs were what i believe "normal highs". then i started taking all kinds of shit for add and depression and all other kinds of whacky shit. now i get high so god damn easily, and the fucked up feeling is so much weirder. even if i stop taking the prescripts, the weed still whacks me out. pretty amazing psychological experience...
  14. there's just some people that shouldn't be smoking, or smoking with other people. he may be one of those people.
  15. I agree and disagree. His friend looks like he enjoys it a lot of the time, but he just needs to figure out his life and his priorities before smoking again. He should take a break for a while, and change his life. It looks like he is just growing up.

    He might just be a irrational thinker. :wave:
  16. This is the only time i will ever say this. Tell your friend to smoke less weed

  17. I don't like the sound of that; sounds like somebody who could be self-medicating.

    His shrink have anything to say about this? Does he have a shrink at all?
  18. If anything 15-30 bowls would mean he's probably not even that high all the time, lol @ the people saying 'if i smoked that much' there's a certain point where more makes no difference, it sounds to me like he's most likely young (as is the OP), he will grow up in time
  19. Whenever Im around someone who does stuff like that I always think to myself "I remember when i got that high" and it just brings me back to the good olde days. Never really bothered me unless he gets us in some shit or something.
  20. I would ask the specific names of the medications and google them for drug interaction with cannabis. If that's not the case, there are two other possibilities.

    1. He just has a really low tolerance. It happens. I do - I've had really bad trips and get stoned off of a third of a bowl or less depending on strain.

    2. He's being melodramatic or just straight making it up. Or possibly his mental state is causing him to believe or convince himself that he's higher than he is. You know how japanese men are all buttoned up, then they drink and suddenly their screaming karaoke and rolling on the floor? I think that's mental more than anything. Just an excuse to let out your emotions. That may be the case with your friend as well.

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