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Why does my bud look like this

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Rocket1967, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. I got some bud from a friend i never used before. The weed looks really bushy like, almost looks like there was not much bud and alot of leaf with an amateur trim job. Its pretty good, smooth, not too hard curious if maybe it looks this way because it is outdoor grown and thats why it seems good but not great. All the leaves and parts have frost on it.

    Your opinions???

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  2. Buds tend to be more fluffy when grown in hot conditions . It looks like a combination of this and a bad trim job haha.

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  3. I don't know what causes that but one year my ballast burned out just as the buds got going and it took me a few days to replace it. After about a complete day in darkness I tried using small fluorescents to get them by but the whole crop turned out buds that looked just like that. I made oil out of the whole mess. And the plants didn't get too warm.
  4. That look like some shit I smoked back in 98
  5. To me "back in 98" sounds funny. 1998 was like yesterday. It's interesting how perspective changes things.
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  6. Looks like my outside off season hippy trim stuff.
    Frosty as hell and it'll stone me just as well as the main summer grow does.
    Hippy trim as I'm old and don't have the hands for days of trim work now.
    And it's all ultimately headed to the kief smasher so WTH cares what it looks like ?
    <-- stopped caring what it looks like a very long time ago. Does it work is the only question.

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  7. IT was some good shit I was in NY blazing behind a convent the nuns was real cool we always played soccer nd football in they field so they enjoyed the smell nd young guys with there shirts off
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  8. Honestly I have gotten weed like that before. Was free from a friend and was very leafy but extremely sticky. Got me pretty damn high too.
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  9. Still smokin it and although it looks different then others it isnt bad at all

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  10. Still smoking it, i mix it up ill smoke part of some stuff change it up. I rotate 3 or 4 different strains around. This stuff sometimes does absolutely nothing for me and other times puts me into a holy shit high

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  11. Honestly doesn’t look that bad I’ve had stuff like that that was some of the best I ever had . Definitely no type of trim job but who cares just throw it with it . And I saw you said it was smooth, but did It give u a decent high ?
  12. To me it looks as if there is actually very little bud, very few calyces, and a lot of the little leaves that form around a bud. It's mostly sugar leaf which can work quite well for getting a person high but they can be rather harsh to smoke even though the OP reports it was smooth. The problem isn't a bad trim job, the problem is there are very few calyces, it's practically all sugar leaf.
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  13. This was fairly smooth and sometimes the high was like pretty good and other times it was nothing

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  14. yes this kind of bud isn't so good, its all leaves some are frosty....

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