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Why Does My Boyfriend Oppose Me Smoking Weed, But He Used To Do It All The Time?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bamboobam, May 24, 2013.

  1. My boyfriend was the one that introduced me to weed a couple of years ago and I was an occasional smoker. Whenever my bf had some or we chilled with someone that had it. Now, my bf works as a pest technician and at his job, if an accident happens or if he gets sick, he is subjected to a drug test. His previous job after that involved him putting up silt fences around the perimeters of building that were being built and he literally smoked everyday (at least 2 blunts a day) and he was working high on the job. My bf has had this job about a year now and every time I mention that I want to smoke (I don't pressure him to doing it, I just say I want to do it) He acts all iffy about me doing it and I don't get it. When he smoked a lot I never minded it at all. I don't even smoke that much (I get some once a month or every other month). I work part-time and they didn't drug test me and I have nothing to look forward to until I am done with college which is another year. It's annoying and it's almost as if he judges me but I never judged him.

  2. Maybe because he cant smoke. Or doesnt want to. When my cuz quit smoking his girl couldnt smoke in the house or around him
  3. Hes a dick? Or his parents would kill him haha
  4. He sounds like one of those ex-stoner douchebags. You all know the type. 
  5. Because, as a young male, he wants to take over control of what you do and how you think. 
  6. i fucking hate cunty people like that "Oh, I HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE WITH THIS SO YOOOUUUU SHOULDN'T USE IT!!!"
    Like go fuck yourself shit head.
  7. You might consider that he's a bit jealous that you get to smoke and he can't. That feeling can be amplified in his case because he doesn't really have a choice in the matter, if it's job related. It's never fun when the world seems to keep you from doing what you want, and I'm sure we can all relate to that.
    It's not your fault and I'm sure he's not really judging you even though it can seem that way. Best of luck :)
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    I was just like this with my girl... I was a straight up hypocrite... but for me it was cause getting high felt SO good... and amazing.. and she was so beautiful... like all my boys drooled over my bitch... and when she got high she told me she got horny... so WTF? hey bitch, go smoke some weed and get all horny with my boys (who usually had the tree) and let em gangbang you! no. just no. don't ask why, you can't smoke. 
    unless you wit me, then it's going down.
  9. He just mad he can't smoke tell him no pussy then.

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  10. It's probably not because he had a bad experience. Though many would like to discard this idea, it's quite possibly because he doesn't like you associating with some of the people you may be smoking with...especially if you're a younger age.
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    It could be any of these reasons which our fellow blades have suggested, for we do not know the OP's mindset. That being said, you might be able to talk it out with your boyfriend and find a solution to your problems.
  12. just smoke without him...
    if he cant because he needs this job, dont throw that shit in his face.
    probably getting all bitchy and weird because he really wants to toke up.
    seriously, how hard is it to read a persons mannerisms...
  13. Just smoke away from him is all I'd suggest. He's probably just upset he can't smoke anymore.
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    People like that are frustrating, they quit weed and then get all high and mighty about it and then treat you like you've got this terrible addiction which is really inconvenient to them.

    My best friend introduced me to weed and once when he quit he got a bit like that. He's since gotten over it, he started smoking again and the next time he quit he was a lot more chill about it. Its weird how sometimes sober people are more paranoid than stoners about smoking.

    Hopefully he'll get over it eventually and not make a big deal.
  15. He can't smoke. If I couldn't smoke because of random drug testings at my job, even for being sick, I wouldn't really want you to smoke around me. Because when I smoked with my girl, our one of us did, out was different then just hanging out. but I wouldn't completely stop you from smoking. Don't see why he wouldn't bd okay with you smoking in another room or taking a step outside.
  16. He's probably jealous he can't smoke, that's how my ex was.
  17. ^
    well here's the thing. He doesn't want to lose his job. I can understand where he is coming from. I guess dont say nothing and just do it. 
  18. I didn't take the time to read so this may have already been said or not be useful at all, but since i've quit i cant be around the smell of weed at all it either gives me massive cravings to smoke or gives me the worst headaches ever depending on the type of mood i'm in.
  19. Smoke in his face and laugh.
  20. He sounds like he's just upset because he can't smoke. I hate people like that.

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