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Why does my Amnesia weed sometimes make me very tired (but mostly the opposite)?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DutchGuyMike, May 14, 2023.

  1. I've been getting my Amnesia Haze for almost 3 years at the local shop (I only get this strain), but there's a 1/4th chance that it will make me consistently SUPER tired and I've thought it was just situational/coincidental but I tested it definitively yesterday where I was very wide awake and then smoked it (after being the whole week tired from it) and immediately all I wanted to do is sleep and felt extremely lethargic..

    The whole reason I buy Amnesia Haze is because (normally) it gives you a very cerebral high, which is the opposite from the body high (where you get lethargic, 'stoned'). This is really frustrating to me as I see badly and already have low energy due to it, most of the times the Amnesia Haze makes me feel super alive and vivid.

    What could possibly be the reason on why this happens? Also of note perhaps, the weed, when it's the 'tiring weed', each time smells a bit more "plant-likeish" rather than the very high notes the weed normally gives off (when it's the cerebral high weed).

    Many thanks!
  2. You stated you’re smoking it “right after”, and in this case the THC is building up in your body. It works the same way, day after day, so from your description, I’m guessing that lethargy is simply the way your body responds to a higher level of that particular strain of weed. A lot of Sativa strains will give you the energy you’re looking for, so I’d try out a few different ones. In my experience, since the body continually adapts, so it’s not uncommon for a strain to work one way for you for awhile then the effect goes away. As for the regularity, it’s probably just that you meet that right level of THC buildup in a regular fashion, so it seems repetitive. I’m no expert, though! :)
  3. Just be happy your in a legal state , the weed I been getting sucks rarely get high and last night was a body high only and paranoia. :frown::eek2::vaping:
  4. Haze baby
    With strong sativas there’s an energetic, euphoric high, but sometimes there can also be a tiresome come down.
  5. @Amory
    i found 'goes away' theory interesting.
    i just use pills and tinctures.
    THC: though no problems,i like to switch between 2 or 3 brands.
    strain as in sativa doesn't matter to me,they all put me to sleep or do nothing.
    i bought a new strain (plant) 4 days ago,mostly i'm drowsy,but sometimes wide awake.

    CBD: i take this and other cannabinoids for pain.
    i'll take a 10 day supply and be like "this is great",then i'll buy a 30 day and felling doesn't last.
    after i detox ,i'm going to do some tests.

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