Why does marijuana make me think about spirituality?

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Romea, May 15, 2018.

  1. So, when I smoke marijuana alone I start to think about spirituality. It's like I'm having conversations with my higher self and I start to understand why I am who I am, why I am blocking good things in my life and what I have to do to improve my life. It's like it opens a door to all the answers. I start to feel love in my heart and I feel so connected to the world and to myself (I use to feel hate to myself), it's such a beautiful feeling. It also makes me think a lot about the spiritual world, about the things we can not see with this eyes. So, it's a beautiful experience, but sometimes I don't know if it's just that I'm high and my imagination is having fun. What do you think? Does it happen to you?
  2. There's a receptor in your brain specifically designed for cannabinoids, I'm fairly certain we are supposed to be ingesting this plant on the regular, I just haven't figured out exactly how or how often. Of course we get high when we smoke it, a body high when we eat it, but there's got to be some way to ingest this plant that will fully open our consciousness and give us the answers to all the questions we are asking about life. We just haven't found the right combination of factors to fully unlock it's potential.

    Whether that's just me being high and spiritual, no one can deny the receptors in our brain that were made specifically for this beautiful plant.
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  3. Stay high and roll with it.
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  4. When you chill, one let's loose of Inhibitions ( not always good) , fears etc etc. I've been a counselor for 26 yrs....when I was a wild youth from 12 to 22 , I had issues. Anti social as all he'll, fears running rampant fighting the man at every turn..my dad was a mess, my mom was a Christian saint. .started drinking , got 3 dui,s before 21, 2 felonys, jailed 26 times etc etc etc ...went to AA, found God, got my LIFE together. Found out what was going on in reality....since then I have denounced religion, but I can't deny the fact that, that train of thought and behavior kept me from killing myself or someone else......today I have a clean record, 4 grand kids, and I smoke pot....no felony, no jail, no lights getting cut off......no nothing...... I feel good inside, I don't hate blacks or Mexicans anymore, I love ppl......your path is your path, don't let anyone say otherwise...

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  5. I cannot believe a found an active thread about this topic.
  6. Dude cannabis is always been somewhat religious. Although I'm not religious I still find the history interesting. In fact back in ancient China it was used in religious rituals 1000's years back. The Rastafari movement has also been using ganja for religious rituals in more recent history.
  7. I don't know about it making me anything more than a better me. Before I smoked I was so fucking uptight to the max. I enjoy life so much more now and have a passion for things.
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  8. Fucking same. I'm still a bit of a grump sometimes but, now I don't wanna kill myself and, I'll actually leave my house.
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  9. I love Blues music now! I'm just chill and that's how I want to be. I left a job I fucking hated too. Life is fucking good bro!!!!
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  10. I feel it man. I'm getting close to moving outta my parents house and finally getting a job. I'm changing for good man I'm tired of being a loser its time to show the world I'm not a loser anymore! I can do it man. I got writer's block on trying to make my resume though :/. However the bright side I lost enough weight not be obese anymore :).
  11. Resumes suck! I actually paid someone to do mine a long time ago. Some website did it for like 35.00 us.
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  12. That's because marijuana and even magic m*******m (but we won't talk about that plant) both have a long history of being spiritually connected. Namely Marijuana has been said to help relax your mind and tear down the metaphyscial walls between our psychical world and the spirit world and with our minds relaxed we can better open our third eyes and see the truth in this world and the universe. We can better read between the invisible lines of deception and truth.
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  13. Thanks for all the answers, I feel better now. Sometimes I thought that this plant was bad to my mental health because of that, I don't now why my thoughts go on that direction when I smoke. I would like to explore this a little more, maybe I will use it to meditate, and see what happens.
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  14. I think most of the people thinks smoking marijuana is a way to go out of reality but instead she makes the reality more real.

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  15. Pot let's some of the air out of the over inflated balloon called life

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  16. Debatable depends on who's using it and why.
  17. Cannabis connects me to spirit and reminds me of whats important in life, although if i don't apply it and keep going back to the herb to remind me, i am not really learning anything. Once you apply what the plant teaches, you won't need her help anymore as the high will be naturally there for you without it :)
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