Why does it take so long to delete an account?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by High-Function, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Seriously, why?
  2. take a few years of IT courses and then a few years of it work and then ask yourself why the eff it matters since it can't be traced back to you...
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    Fuck you, cball. 
    Have fun with your know it all attitude, your entitlement notion, and your shitty over-run gut. Also, have fun with my tax dollars for your 'disability'. You're a fucking parasite, pathetic immature old man, and you help ruin the forum. 
    I know how simple a few lines of code are to write. 
  4. Did you use the ticket system? The holidays are just finishing up, there are only a few Admins (mods can't delete accounts), and they are people too and often have a busy schedule. :smoke:
    Did you go off on cball in hopes of getting banned? :smoke:
  5. I came as fast as I could I heard you had your head in your ass what could I do to help you in your current situation?
  6. OP I'm just fucking with you but probably because they don't want to just give up all the information they have on you. It's slightly useful and always gives the feeling of empowerment.
  7. cball's an ignorant fuck.
    That's my main qualm.

    I guess paying money to become a 'gold' member lets you act like a fucktard and get away with it.

    I could give a shit about any of this. Congrats on your 'online status' that you simpletons let inflate your pathetic ego.
  8. Nah, we are still not going to report you. :smoke:
  9. Make sure if this thread gets deleted, cball knows he's an ignorant old fuck.
    How can you possibly know this much about a person on the internet
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    It's called reading, comprehension, and a very basic memory.

    Maybe try some, or even all of them, sometime.

    (And I'm not from Alabama;))
    So he posted all that about himself on here?
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    [quote name="High-Function" post="19348184" timestamp="1389832822"](And I'm not from Alabama;))[/quote] Go fuck yourself
    I have 0 information who cball is , but after seeing your messages in this thread , i wanted to mention this :
    As other members explain , account deletions are low priority and handled by just one staff. When we have time and other things are done , we manage them. So it may take couple days or couple weeks.

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