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why does it smell like fresh cut grass

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by phontaine, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I have a serious problem that has been going on for almost two years now!! My weed smells like fresh cut grass from the very beginning all of the way to harvest. Once it is cured and ready to smoke it tastes good, burns good, and has a nice high but SMELLS LIKE FRESH CUT GRASS!!! WTF am I doing wrong.

    It happened almost overnight. I had a usual crop that was really good and smelled like it was supposed to. Then the very next crop smelled like fresh cut grass. I've had about 8 crops in a row that have had the same problem and I am totally broke and will have to give up if I can't figure out the problem very soon.

    I've been growing for 10 years and have been doing things the same ever since my first crop and have always had really good smoke until now. I didn't change anything at all but obviously something has changed. I just rebuilt my grow room from the ground up sterilizing everything as I went thinking that there may be some kind of mysterious fungus or something that is causing the problem. I'm now 4 weeks into flower after the rebuild and the MOTHER FUCKING SMELL IS BACK! I walk into the room and it smells like someone just mowed my gawd damn lawn!

    I'm using (and have been using for many years) the following:
    (3) 600w HPS air cooled lights
    (18) General hydroponics waterfarm pots
    propane CO2 generator ( I keep the room at 1000ppm)
    dutchmaster gold noots with add .27 (PPM and PH are always in check)
    blue moon carbohydrates
    dutchmaster liquid light and saturator

    The room is 10'x6.5' with a 7' ceiling

    I keep the room at:
    80 degrees F day
    75 degrees at night
    60% humidity
    I have a merv 16 air filtration system to clean the air in the room
    I am venting 120CFM out of the room continuously 24 hours per day. I have more than adequate fresh air intake for the room. This equals an air change about every 4 minutes. I also have an osculating fan to help circulate the air.

    Does anybody have any idea what the hell is going on?:mad:
  2. I wouldn't worry too much, it might have to do with the chemicals you're using.

    If you can get away with growing and having it smell like fresh cut grass, as opposed to stanky weed, then all the more power to ya.
  3. This is mighty weird.. maybe a company changed their ingredients in some of the chemicals your using..

    maybe you got a bad batch of nutes
  4. ^ that's probably why his problem isn't solved yet
  5. Troll dont read it, hes just trying to waste your time. 10 years of growing and your asking this question? Yeah right go away troll lol 1 post.
  6. He could just be a bullshitter.
  7. well you said it still gives a nice high? i don't see the problem, or why you would give up. as long as it works i don't understand the problem. unless i missed something...
  8. The problem is that nobody wants it. I live in a tough market and if it doesn't smell or taste or look right or whatever then people will go elsewhere and get something that does. It is absolutely mind boggling that it smells the way it does. I donate what I can do dispensaries but they only take a little. I keep enough for personal and the rest gets burned in my burn barrel.
  9. Weed that smells like grass is usually grown outdoors.
  10. After the 2nd or 3rd bad crop I switched to NSR and got the exact same results. I then switched back to dutchmaster and got the same thing. I even tried a crop in sunshine mix #4 and got the same result. I am at a total loss. I have a feeling it is something environmental.
  11. just a heads up you may want to post this in the grow section, you will get more people who know what they are doing so therefore you may get it solved a bit quicker
  12. Oh, yeah. thanks dude. I'm new here.

  13. no likes for you
  14. If it smells like fresh cut grass, it probably is fresh cut grass.
  15. let me guess. you're on day 2 of a 7 day t break?

    lighten up
  16. #17 BloodLust, Aug 11, 2011
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  17. i do not know sir
  18. Shit ill buy it. Honestly if it's got a good amount of thc in it I could give a flying fuck. People are too spoiled nowadays, if it's dank it shouldn't matter what it smells like.

    I'll buy a quad haha :bongin:
  19. if it gets you high why the fuck does it matter what it smells like

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