Why does it say searching has been disabled?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by stephes123, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. Not sure why, usually works
  2. I just noticed the whole button is gone! This sucks trying to find what you need. It's going to cause even more people posting questions about shit already answered.
  3. GEEZ...again??? I'll go in and fix it.

  4. I hate to bring this up, BUT, it is now the 16th of Aug and I'm still getting

    Could you please try and "fix"it again?
  5. To be fair, it was fixed before. It just keeps happening every once in a while. Some kind of glitch or something. I'm sure it will be fixed again soon. :smoking:
  6. Honestly occasionally our techs will have to take searching down to tweak either the servers or the software. But it usually comes right back up

    As it did here
  7. Down again

  8. Yeah, but RMJL mentioned in another thread (and kind of implies with her post here) that there's some glitch causing it to go down randomly.

    It's probably an evil GC demon just trying to annoy us all by taking away the New Posts button.

    Have we tried exorcism? :p
  9. JD broke it through over use...:poke:

  10. Aww, fuck!!!

    I offer my sincerest apologies. :p
  11. I could probelly get into this websites files if i really tried, i found a tutorial in the deep dark side of the web....
  12. It's disable 23/7:p gotta catch it when you can.

  13. I'm on here daily, and it's rarely down. It's just happened more often in the last few weeks than it does regularly. I'm sure it will be up again soon. :smoking:
  14. Twas a joke. And I only meant lately.
  15. Ahh man, it's down again.
  16. Whatd i tell ya
  17. Ok I can't check any threads I participated in or seach them or anything cuz it just says searching has been disabled. This is on my iPhone app.... WTF, what can ido to fix this

  18. Nothing but wait. :( If you subscribed to your thread, then you may be able to look under subscriptions, but other than that, I don't know of anything other than just waiting for searching to work again. :smoke:
  19. I don't know but it's pretty inconvenient
  20. [quote name='"RVD420RVD"']I don't know but it's pretty inconvenient[/quote]
    Damn straight
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