Why does it happen to the best of us?

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  2. Yeah I agree.
  3. Just get out.
  4. You have to tell her that what she's doing is wrong. Say mom I love you but I really don't think what you're doing is right. Obviously you were doing alright while smoking so tell her that. Tell her it's just something you do once you've completed your tasks for the day as a way to relax.

    If she doesn't listen you gotta make her. Not in a forceful way but you just gotta let her know that if she can't respect you as an adult then you can't respect her. The answer is not to just move out, because this problem will be continuos and you need to repair the relationship with your mother before you go.

    Obviously your responsible and have got your shit together, so let her know that was all when you were smoking. Tell her that her not trusting you is making you depressed, and that's the real reason you're not as productive as you used to be. For this to work you gotta stay calm and be patient, it may take awhile to get the point across to someone like her.

    Good luck!
  5. Thanks a lot. Great advice.

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  6. I am 25 years old, unfortunately my mom wasthe exact same way about marijuana. I had been telling her verifiable facts about marijuana since I was 14 after she caught me for the first time. Well fast forward 11 years and last weekend my mother fianceè and myself were sitting down watching netflix and she said something about marijuana killing brain cells.

    Instead of arguing I just had her watch the documentary entitled the union. Afterwards she went off on a tangent saying how upset she was because she felt like she was lied to all her life blah blah.
    I was moderately upset at first realizing she like most Americans believes only what The TV, Doctors, media, politicians ETC. tell her. Wouldn't believe her own child. I quickly let it pass over for a couple of different reasons, mainly because mentally she felt her mental prowess was superior to mine because she is my mother and raised me. This information she thought was correct was gathered from a lifetime of reagan/carter/nixonism. Maybe a generation or so after reefer madness, so she genuinely felt like she was trying to do me a favor. The next reason was ignorance, she was raised never to question the government/doctors ETC. That combined with her general lack of experience with the plant and hearing rumors about it all of her life lead her to believe it was unquestionably a terrible substance.
    You can't completely unprogram somebody's decades old belief no matter how unfounded, without profound evidence in the form of hard data from sources they are programmed to trust. Perhaps talking to the parental units and letting them know all of the good you have done was done during the time you had the plant in your life and that the negative stigma is based on fallacy and hearsay. All the while having hard research data to back up your claims. Not to mention the fact that Washington D.C. just passed the legalization of recreational use of MJ.

  7. Umm, you are 18, and,she confinscated and holds your own cash? Why dont u just leave, what the hell? Tell her your an,adult sorry, deal with it, your mom sounds nuts but much of this is your own,fault, if you were under age id understand, but your a grown,adult, u need,to act like one, cut the umbilical chord allready and be a man, tell her u aren't taking that BS, why are you allowing her to take your cash, phone, property etc. Stop her, forcefully if you have to, or this will never end, u will be 30 years old with your mom still,running yourl life
  8. Well, you may have had your shit together, but you're a liar.
    Nobody likes a liar dude.

    Her house, her rules.
    This is hands down the stupidest argument I hear over and over
    What percentage of 18-year-olds do you honestly think are mature enough and financially secure enough to just drop everything and move out on their own? Telling one's parents that you're going to move out because they won't tolerate you smoking weed is a grimy move. You get your own place when you're ready to move out and start a life of your own, not because of a silly argument with your parents. 
    Most people have amicable relationships with their family and would rather try to work out a problem than just cut ties with them.
    Trying to convince an adult who has been conditioned to be anti-marijuana that they're wrong is like trying to convince them that ice cream and cookies make a nutritious dinner. They're not going to believe you because the argument you're making is entirely self-serving. All the pro-marijuana propaganda in the world is not going to change their view because the loudest voices arguing for it are the ones who want to get high. 
    Now, getting caught multiple times in the span of a couple months is a problem. OP obviously doesn't have a solid routine when it comes to smoking, and that's the issue. Maybe it's unrealistic to expect an 18-year-old to be able to get their own apartment on a whim, but I would think most kids that age have a car. Get out of the house, take a bowl cruise or drive somewhere where you can smoke and then go home when you can handle yourself and not look like you're howling.
    The solution is to be on your best behavior, regain her trust, and then start smoking when you can put some thought into it and not do it right under her nose.
  10. Tits or GTFO ?
  11. this is what happens when you let your momma run your life. now that you know you hate it and it fucking sucks bags of old salty dicks, dont let her do it anymore. move the fuck out when you get the first opportunity. never let your momma run your life...never! :metal:
  12. Because the best of us aren't really always the best -- or even very good at all, really -- and egotists always get shit on by karma?

    Is that why?
  13. Respect your mother's home in the same way that you will one day expect other people to respect yours. If she doesn't want weed in her home, then that's that. End of story. Your choice is to live there under her rules or get your own place. People have the right to not want to have marijuana around them in their own home.
    You're not going to change her mind.
    It's not easy out here in the real world. That's probably one of the reasons your mom wants her home to be the place that makes her feel safe and comfortable -away from the rat race and everybody else's opinions and points of view…like yours.
    I never understand how kids think that they have rights in their parents home. Well, they do…They have the right to not get murdered or tortured…and….that's about it.
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    It may just be me, but i moved out when i was 16,,graduated highschool and,supported myself so when i hear an 18 year old crying about howmuch it sucks to live with parents im just like ,really? Unfortunately i dont have the benefit of being able to go to parents for my needs
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    there is nothing unfortunate about that at all. i was out at 17 and in the real world making money. some people dont have the motivation that you and i had. what is unfortunate is that parents like his are the ones that fuck up a kids life.
    and OP, help me understand how at 18 years old, your momma took all of your stuff away? i mean, dont you feel like she walked all over you? damn son, sack the fuck up. :metal:

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