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Why does it affect me so much...?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jaycen, May 14, 2011.

  1. Did a quick little search but I couldn't find anything about it.

    I've been smoking on an off for 4 years. I smoke one or two hits- one hit and I feel it just a little (legs don't stop moving, hunger, cottonmouth, etc) if I do more than that though, I get REALLY high- incapacitated. If I've even had one drink beforehand, I get sick. It seems I can't find this middle zone between these two that everyone has, and not even that, the jokes about how I can't handle more than one hit are getting old.

  2. fuck them man, i WISH i could get high off one hit. haha dont even worry about it brotha, you're lucky to have no tolerance :smoke:
  3. You might have some sort of hypersensitivity to cannabinoids. I'd consult a doctor, to be honest. Any other advice from these forums is uninformed and shouldn't be taken seriously.
  4. smoke everyday and you will be able to handle it better, allowing you to get higher and not trip out
  5. And this is a bad thing why? I wish I got incapacitated off of 2 hits.
  6. I've thought that could be right. Out of curiosity, can and will doctors test for this hypersensitivity?
  7. #8 Braddock, May 14, 2011
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    Yes, listen to Eike... Sounds a like like sike though, which kinda makes you wonder ...

    Is he playing a joke on OP?

    WHEN WE RETURN, is he really who we think he is?
  8. I don't know if they have tests for that sort of thing at just any old hospital or clinic. Probably not. However, doctors are trained in diagnosing patients. One can never be 100% on what a problem is, but good doctors can diagnose and treat properly.

  9. Hm. Thanks for the input... I guess I won't consider it to be so bad then.

  10. i respect the consideration that went into that, but what do u think the doc is going to say when you ask him "every time i smoke weed, i get super fucked up in two hits"
  11. Just for the record, I'm not an MD. Which is why I'm telling you that if you are having a huge effect like this from something you enjoy doing, you should ask someone who has training in medical diagnosis and care. If it's not a huge problem, then just continue smoking at your own discretion and be happy that 4 hits fucks you up.

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