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Why Does Indicas Make Me Energetic?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KEMiKALZ, Jun 16, 2013.

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    ...and when i smoke a sativa i get really tired. Anyone else with similar results?

    other questions: 1. sativas or indicas for music? Do they both have different effects on music or the same? Which one makes you ears orgasm?

    2.Which one is better for depression/anxiety, masturbation?
    3.Which one makes you laugh yer ffreakig ass off the most?
    4. When i smoked a sativa i couldnt focus much on playing video games, i had vivid images in my head so i couldnt really focus on playing but uh indica or sativa for gaming?

    Earlier i took a fat hit and as soon as i was exhaling i felt my body feel very cold or warm and super dizzy like i was on the edge of fainting. Was coughing like a mofo too, it was very uncomfy. What happend? Blood sugar, blood pressure? Not getting enough oxygen?
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    Are you sure you are not getting Sativas and Indicas mixed up? Sativas give you the energetic, head-high, and Indicas give you the sleepy, full-body high.
    Indicas are better for anxiety, pain, and insomnia due to the higher levels of CBD.
    Sativa's are better for depression and creativity due to the lower levels of CBD and higher levels of THC.
    Both indicas and sativas will make you laugh, but sativas generally have the slight edge.
  3. lol. another funny thread
  4. Are you buying from a dispencery or a dealer who just tells you that it's some "medical green crack" when it's actually just some beasters grown in town...?
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    No i dont have them mixed up. But to be honest i think it was cause i was smoking too much. I remember the first week smoking that strong sativa i didnt get tired and i barely had any come down but into week 2 i qas a tired ass zombie everytime i smoked. Could be i smoked like every 10 minutes of the day huh hehe.

    I did lsd a while back and have depersonalization 24/7 from it and weed nowadays is even stronger than lsd lol. I get intense dissociation n like an lsd flashback i guess. Crazy as fuck. Basically ego death and total loss of space.

    It made me depressed into week 2 doe. My mind had racing negative thoughts so maybe indica is for me? I was blazing alone all the time too n sativa are for social activities so thats maybe why.

    And no it was dank as fuck!

    Cheers. Ps, im asking noob questions even tho ive smoked for 2 years but never really reflected upon the effects of every weed ive smoked. N i used too be high as a kite every minute of the day and so my memory is hazy as hell thru that period. I also have memory loss with DP.

  6. i have a very hard time believing that bit about dissociation/depersonalization, dont think youre very clear on what that, or "flashbacks" actually are but we cant discuss other drugs here soo..
    i think you should stop smoking if its creating all these issues, weed should be stress free man and if it isnt, sad to say but its not right for you at this point in your life
  7. #9 KEMiKALZ, Jun 16, 2013
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    Sorry, you don't know anything about me and the effects of weed on me. Look around on shroomery, weed highs can change. Especially if you have HPPD. 
    Weed highs are other-worldly. If you experience what i experience you would shit bricks. But im sorry that you can't see thru my eyes. Cheers

    (its horrible, and theres so much more than just 'depersonalization' memory loss, total identity loss, thinking about old memories your like did that really happend like a feeling not a thought. Very disturbing, brain fog, dyslexia etc
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    I know all that lol; and I never said I didn't believe you, i said I found it hard to believe; a.k.a kinda fishy. Have you actually been diagnosed with HPPD and depersonalization by a doctor? Both are quite rare; and are much more often something someone hypochondriacally convinced themselves they have, ive been witness to many many instances of this. I doubt I would "shit bricks" if i got high in your consciousness; i think I'd get high. And I think you're getting high. You are over thinking things and you have the key in your own mind to get rid of this so-called depersonalization and hppd; its a byproduct of your mis-perception of the psychedelics, and all it takes is the proper "mind over matter" sorta attitude(rough explanation). Like you said I don't know you, but I have many years of experience with similar situations; and the vast majority of the time people diagnose themselves with all these sorts of problems after a scary psychedelic experience; when its truly all up in their head so to speak. I'm sorry you thought i was trying to be rude or something; and im sorry if im somehow still coming off that way, just tryina help if my advice is helpful take it, if not ignore me lol
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    No problem man, yes i have been diagnosed. Im going to more meetings next week at my psychiatrist
  10. you should watch the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know!?" then. Really turned my life around when I was diagnosed with depression; know its not the exact same issue but I feel it could help anybody with any sort of reversible mental disorder. I also will again recommend you don't smoke weed, especially if its so crazy for you, if your problem is psychedelic induced a break from them could be just what you need; more psychedelics can only exacerbate it
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    even that's not that bad.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  12. Thanks i'll check that movie out :) 
    and i can't stop smoking weed it's all i think about these days being all depressed haha, maybe indica? Sativas are super trippy now.
    anyways! lets talk about my questions in the first post! we are way off-topic now haha :D
  13. bump. 13  replies but still no real reply. Except for DayJaVu but i already knew that :)
  14. lol i give up, smoke it up!
  15. Asking why indicas makes you energetic is like asking why eating oranges makes you depressed, the hell if we know, it's your mind, you're gonna need to be the one to work with it, no ones gonna do it for you. But for your questions:
    1 - Sativa
    2 - Indica
    3 - Sativa
    4 - Sativa
    that's how it is at least for me.
  16. finally! thanks
  17. Then you must not be smoking the real deal.

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  18. Read my other post

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