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Why does his happen?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Justin1020304, May 9, 2016.

  1. ive had a cold for almost a week and whenever I wake up my chest cold seems to be good in the morning and then at around 12-2 pm my cough comes back, my cold seems to be slowly getting better every day but my cough and stuffy nose is still there. I'm smoking about once a day sometimes twice . Anyone know what this might be? I also get a weird sounding noise when I inhale sometimes , it seems to happen more when laying down . Only way to put it is it Sounds like someone saying ehhh in a high pitched voice only happens when I inhale no pain or anything in chest though . Maybe slight tightness but doesn't hurt
  2. Feeling better but going down a couple hours later? Sounds like a normal cold to me. Raspy sound when you lay down is not good. Go see a doctor. This is at least your 3rd post on the same subject. I'm sure it's important to you but nobody including a medical doctor can diagnose you on a forum.

    Im telling you the only way to deal with it go see a doctor or just live with it. You can google chest colds and get about a dozen really good remedies that will help you feel better.
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  3. i went to the doctor last week and they said i just had a cold with possible allergies, but since than been having the weird sounds when inhaling. but i think its just the weed doing it or just the smoke in general. i havent smoked today and dont have any noises when inhaling or exhaling. i think im just going to limit my intake to once a day at nighttime. and see how that goes
  4. Likely acute bronchitis
  5. It very well could be.
    Just don't take our words for it though. A doctor is usually the way to go!
  6. Lol I accidentally made that rhyme
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  7. Do you live in a basement room or a room that usually has cold damp air? You have all the telltale signs of mold.
  8. I doubt it's bronchitis, or else you would wake up coughing your ass off in a puddle of mucus and your chest would feel like Mike Tyson hit it with a left hook
  9. I had the same thing a couple weeks ago and I just took prednisone, musinex DM and Nasincort. Not cheap but it made me feel a million times better. Of course some Advil,molts of water and as much as I hate doing I did the nettipot. Was clear to smoke so I did then I went to sleep then I woke up feeling bad so rinse and repeat for two days by then I was feeling way better.

    Also if you are not better then go back, doctors misdiagnose stuff all the time. New symptoms also mean go back because he missed something. Strep needs a culture to properly diagnose and many other things looks like allergies and/or colds.

    Oh and as if you couldn't tell I'm saying if you feel like shit you should be smoking if at all possible it will relax you and make you feel better and hopefully sleep.
  10. Allergies man. My lungs wheezed when inhaling all of the fall. I got diagnosed with short term asthma. its gone now and dont use an inhaler anymore.

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  11. Thanks for the replies everyone! Happy to say im feeling way better and can operate again :)
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