Why does everything spin?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by InferiorWang, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Has anyone ever noticed how so many things in the universe spin naturally. Galaxies spin. The solar system spins. Earth spins. The moon spins, but at just the right rate that the same side is always facing us. If it didn't spin you'd see different parts depending on what side of the planet you were on. So does anyone have an idea why this occurs so often? I was thinking the majority of stellar bodies spin the same direction, but I realized that is all depending on which way you're looing at it. Regardless, it's still bothering me how things naturally spin all the time.
  2. hmm... maybe because all molecules are constantly moving. most things in the universe naturally form a spherical shape. the most logical way for a sphere to move is thru spinning on its axis, so the energy of the trillions of atoms constantly moving could be getting expelled by the masses they form spinning??

    i dont know if that makes sense, just an assumption by myself.
  3. All I wanna know is, why cant we tell the earth is spinning unless we get really drunk? wierd.

  4. LOLOL, u funny....
  5. Man youve quoted me like 20 times today, write your own damn posts :p

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  8. Haha, funny...we talked about similar shit yesterday...

    What if everyone faced west and blew REALLY hard (simultaniously)....would earth spin faster?

  9. i dont think the world would spin faster.....

    i just think it'll really smell like bad breath.......

  10. probably, but what if everyone took a giant toke and blew it all west... that would be, um, cool.

  11. lol, that would be tight if the whole world got hot boxed, lol......
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    thats what I would do if I were God. I wqould put a giant ziplock baggie over the earth. then i would take a giant "god sized hit" of some dank ass god weed, and blow it into the ziplock baggie, and seal it. MWAHAHA!

  13. Haha....that would make everyone's head spin. At least we'd know why...
  14. Someone asked this question at NASA, and they could not give him an answer.

    Google "Why does everything spin"

    Edit; FUCK.

    Thought this was the other "why does everything spin" thread.

  15. Why glaxies spin: gravity and dark matter

    Why planets orbit(not spin): gravity

    Why planets spin: 95% sure because of gravity

    So in conclusion, most things "spin" because of gravity. Dark matter plays a major part in the structure of a galaxy but I'm not exactly sure that it makes a galaxy spin. I hope this helps.

    - peace, joy, love, and light
  16. Such is the nature of thing-ness. If you're establishing galaxies, stars, planets and the such to be what you claim they are, then they must behave in such a way that those things can be maintained...

    That is to say, things will come with the causes and conditions that allow them to be.

    This is known as natural philosophy, or science.

    In short, galaxies and planets spin due to the nature of gravity... but you may get a better answer in the Science & Nature section.
  17. Read the Kyballion, principle of Vibration :smoke:

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