Why does everything i clone die??? What am i doing wrong???

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  1. I am a newerish grower but def not an idiot either wen it comes to growing or smoking/strain knowledge....Oddly since I've been smoking and what not for over 10 yrs now, for sum reason I have never attempted to clone ANYTHING lol! So long story short, about a week ago I decided that I was going to clone my purple urkle mother plant tht I'm currently growing. So I have a good friend who has been growing for 30 yrs and clones ALOT.....So I 1st had him walk me thru it by telling and showing me wat he was talking about. He then watched me clone my plant, he said I did it perfect and that theres NO reason why it shouldnt work. He did stress that I need to keep it under a grow light til its ready to put in a pot. I unfortunately do not have ANY indoor growing lights but he ASSURED me that just a regular lamp light will work as long as I dont put it too close to the light....I def didnt have it close to the light,,, so my question is, was he wrong when he told me that a regular light will also work as long as I dont put it too close to the light?? Do I for sure 100% HAVE TO HAVE AN INDOOR LIGHT? Cuz that sucks if thts the case as I financially cannot afford that right now and I really needed these fucking clones to not die. What are my options? What else can I do? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. The sun outside,(big glowy thing in sky vry reddish and....birhgt) Fluorecent,(fluor)
    And metal halide, thos are the 3 kinds of light sources that will suffice for your cannabis plant through its veg stage and ur rooting stage on ur clone. end of story normal light my asshole with a barbwire far inside please. Get a fluor for rooting proccess, dont forget to carve alittle off the rooting end (open it up for roots to come out) break the skin of the plant. and dip the carved skin broken piece of the cannabis plant into your root hormone inducing substance (recommend the gel types rather then dust, Gel=boobies, Dust=oldboobies :D) 48 hour dark period after you dip cutting and put it into ur rockwool cube before u turn your fluorecent lamp on helps it start the root development. Enjoy hope you turn green rawr!
  3. ya I used the razor blade and cut the stem down the middle, dipped it in water before I used the clonex gel, put each clone in a sponge on a tray, my other problem was that I didnt have a dome to put over these cuz im broke right now and had to do a makeshift clone....So are u saying I can actually already put these in the sun even tho they haven rooted yet? I was told thats a big no no....shit i better go take them out of the flourescent light then cuz I just cloned em last night and IMMEDIATELY put it under a light...Is it too late to put em in the dark for 48 hrs? Or should I still put em in the dark for 48 hrs right now?? Lemme know asap just in case I do need to hurry and get them away from the light..thanks puff
  4. Yeah go ahead and do a maybe cut it down to a 36 hr dark cycle, and if ur havin proplems with ur dome put a see through plastic bag over ur container:smoke:

    Yeah sun works best (ofc not outside i mean in window :)), but since its gettin late this summer i wouldnt leave it for the sun to take care of, maybe put it in the sun while the suns at its best (if ur gona bother) for a few hrs then back to the fluor!
  5. im gna give that a try...I should also ask u this too, since i didnt have a dome and needed sumthn makeshift, I cut a 2 liter plastic empty soda in half and put it around them as a dome...Would I be better off using the see thru plastic bag? and out of curiosity, why a see thru bag? what would happen if i used say for example just a plastic bag from buying groceries from the grocery store?

  6. Oh shit, I just realized tht last time I read ur response, I somehow missed where u said to keep them in the dark for 48 hours after I put it in the cube. After I put it in the cube, I immediately put them under a lamp....They've been under this lamp now 24/7 for 3 days straight, should I hurry and put them in the dark now for 48 hrs or is it too late for that?? They look good still, so im really hoping in the next week I see some damn roots cuz I was sooooo stoked that I had FINALLY cloned something lol!!
  7. I have never heard of putting them in the dark. I've been cloning a few years now and always put them in the light. I don't understand how if the leaves have no light then how they can grow roots?
  8. @beerbrewer: Ya I was wondering how the hell the clone would survive if u clone it, put it on the cube, and then put it in the dark for 2 days...How would it grow at all with zero light for 48 hours??
  9. dude just watch jorge cervantes cloning on (YOUTUBE) and your golden.
  10. sweet, thanks ViBeToSuRvIvE, im gna check that shit out right now
  11. 23W CFL is all you need, $4. Or any fluorescent you already have. Straight to light as soon as cut is fine. The soda bottle will work fine for a humidome, just poke several good holes in it. Don't over-water. You should be fine.
  12. High humidity (like a previous poster said, you can use a ziplock or some such clear plastic), and indirect light. Should be golden.
  13. Jorge is a crock, any reason your using sponges and not something like a Jiffy Cube?
    If you grow soil then cloning in water will shock your plants a lot when you transfer them to soil, pretty much has to form an entire new root system setting your vertical growth back.

    Humidity dome + Rooting compound + Jiffy Cube = Fail Safe
    Soil drench with an aloe botanical tea to really kick in those root forming hormones.
  14. Make a bubble cloner
  15. Build yourself an aerocloner!

    Aerocloner- You only have to have the water level above the water pump.

    Bubblecloner you have to make sure the stems are submerged.
  16. [quote name='"PassivePlatinum"']Build yourself an aerocloner!

    Aerocloner- You only have to have the water level above the water pump.

    Bubblecloner you have to make sure the stems are submerged.[/quote]

    Stems don't have to be. If bubbles splash em, its basically aero.

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