Why does everyone love The Union and Super High Me?

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  1. Super High Me is a good entertaining video/mockumentary and The Union is definitely informational and mostly accurate ... but if I could suggest one documentary about drugs to someone who's clueless ... American Drug War: Last White Hope.

    Anyone else see it?
  2. It reinforces stereotypes.

    People like to fit in, brotha ;)
  3. Super high me was entertainining, especially if you smoke during the movie. Doug Benson is funny.
  4. I havent seen super high me, but the union is pretty biased
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    I don't like the union nor do i like super high me.
  6. i liked Super High Me...
  7. I havent seen super high me, and actually havent heard much about it...

    I liked the union, it may be biased, but the information is laid out nicely and the progression of the film in general is well done.

    Two other ones ive seen - and im havent seen mentioned to often - is "BBC Horizon - Cannabis - The Evil Weed" and "Weed - The History Of Marijuana"

    Both enjoyable.

    This was the best scene in the whole movie (the history one), made me want to buy a shotgun:
  8. i liked super high me. it was an interesting idea done by a very funny man. I see why people wouldnt like it though. i get its a documentary but at the same time i dont think it was meant to be taken seriously to any great extent.
    its all in good fun
  9. that video blew my mind

  10. dam thats crazy man haha can u imagine being high out your mind in a war eesshhh
  11. I think Super High Me and The Union are more for people who already smoke weed, whereas other documentaries are more for everyone.
  12. havent finished the union it is too boring. never bothered with super high me

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