Why does everybody think California is some holy state?

Discussion in 'General' started by Purp Skurp, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. why is the school system corrupt? Id imagine its the same as other states!

  2. the school system is fucked in most of the states
  3. My friend keeps trying to talk me into packing up the family and moving to SD because the "weather is perfect". Fuck that. I dont even have to list all the negatives as everyone who posted before me already has.

    I'd take Oregon though.
  4. I have lived in Michigan (Ann Arbor area) most of my life, with a few minor moves over the years (Cali, Florida, Texas, Ohio) and have found Michigan to be the best OVERALL state to live in. As for weed, now that we a Green State, everything is very cool, but even before that happened pot wasn't a huge deal, unless you were to stand on the corner waving a 1/4 lb. at passing cars. If you want work here, all ya need is a willingness to work. Winter is cold and Summer hot, like it was meant to be. All in all, Michigan is a good stoner state.

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