Why does everybody think California is some holy state?

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  1. Colorado is almost as bad as California...

    Fuck Colorado as well..

    but thats just me....
  2. Anyone hear about the police in Anaheim. They are dressed as military and soon all cops will
  3. Because that's where the cesspool of weed culture lies.
  4. Haters gunna hate
  5. its not about haters -

    when the hype and confusion is greater than the reality then it's a losing battle
  6. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F57P9C4SAW4]Katy Perry - California Gurls ft. Snoop Dogg - YouTube[/ame] ahahahahahahahaha
  7. I can't stand the people that think they're weed experts because they live in California.
  8. Only reason it looks like heaven to smokers is because of the chill weed laws and many people live in places where being caught with weed fucks up their future.
  9. L.A. is a dump.

    I liked San Diego and San Francisco when I visited though.

    Also, the waves in Santa Monica are awesome!

  10. The cops in Cali will still try to ruin you day for weed. I don't live there and even I know that. Other posters (that DO live in California) have said the same thing too.
  11. the real mecca is amsterdam.

  12. Maybe if you like overpriced bud and the real possibility of getting raped.
  13. I would have to disagree. California is pretty fuckin great. I feel that most people that hate on it are either jealous or have never been here. Yea LA is pretty shitty and the traffic sucks but i'd rather live here than any where else in the world. And yes ive lived in 4 other states, i have something to compare it to.

  14. considering im a guy....rape is not an issue.

    overpriced maybe, but id still enjoy the culture & experience.

    i'd be more likely to get raped and robbed in cali for sure.

  15. :laughing:
  16. Anyone ever heard of Nederland Colorado? It's legal to cultivate, posses and sell!
  17. Anyone ever hear of this nice little (actually it's huge) state called Alaska? You can legally posses an ounce in your home. You are also legally allowed to cultivate up to six plants, which is protected under the state constitution's right to privacy.
  18. I came to Cali 2 years ago from the UK with big expectations, thinking that I'm gonna have the best time of my life and yada yada yada.

  19. pft, chicago is gross, has more and worse traffic, more expensive gas, food and housing about the same, state is also bankrupt but also hopelessly corrupt with no end in sight, school system is bankrupt and a joke. rather have hippy idiots than poor people waiting to rob you on the el.

    in my experience most californians who complain about their state are taking for granted everything that's good about it, i was just there 2 separate times in the last few months and it's just pretty much way nicer than here in every way.
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    i've lived in many different states and have lots to compare to....

    i have been to california many times and will be back to visit again

    Long Beach is wonderful !

    LA is a complete shithole

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