Why does everybody think California is some holy state?

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  1. Im actually in Cali right now and ive loved it. The landscape atleast around san Francisco is beautiful
  2. Cali is the best if you go to the good areas. Go to towns that you've never heard of. Get away from LA and San Fran ( SF is cool to me tho). Check out Ventura or SB county. Just gotta find the good spots man.
  3. [quote name='"SCMC"']The county I live in has a marine sanctuary, salt marshes, a rain forest, sloughs, and sandy deserts. Hiking and exploring Big Sur and Yosemite. Snowboarding in the winter and wakeboarding in the summer at Lake Tahoe. California, and our water and soil, are responsible for 70% of the nations produce. Even our fucking cows are happy.

    Everything good about this state is from the central valley and up. Southern California is like a giant "Little Mexico." I am all NorCal all day. Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity counties hold down the best cannabis in the world. We have stellar wine and micro brews. Honestly, if you can't find something to like about this place then your expectations are way too high. You know where it sucks? The Congo. El Salvador. Mother Russia. And you hate surfers and redwood trees? Sounds like a personal problem.


    Still, Oregon is better.[/quote]

    Redwood trees are so cool. I wanna go back to Humboldt someday.
  4. Vermont...now that's where it's at

  5. Naw bro keep Texas...it's funny but when you realize even though California is in debt. The taxes we pay help out other states that don't get money like ca does.

    I love Ca but it's an expensive ass place...specially the bay area... 1 bedroom apt is like 1000 a month
  6. 2 diff kinds of cali. Nor cal and so cal. FUCK SO CAL. in the most non offensive way. Nor cal all the way frisco outbound movement. The dea police and atf all work together if sf. My boy got raided 3 times i 1 day.
  7. california is an opportunistic state and the land is beautiful

    theres reasons people have always flocked here

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlSsbNc0_u0]Mos Def - Kalifornia - YouTube[/ame]

    californias got all the game
  8. It's the best state I've lived in honestly despite all the negatives the weather is too damn good. I live in Southern California though its not for everyone I guess but I love the west coast I don't think I could live in another area of this country. If you don't like cities you won't like southern coastal California, I don't know why anyone would move some where just for weed though unless they wanted to grow or something.
  9. [quote name='"Purp Skurp"']Why do most people on here think California is some holy state? If its cause they have chill weed laws than Lo fucking L.

    I'm gonna list the positives and negatives of California:

    Positives- San fransisco and most of north cali is cool, lots of cheap dank weed, chill weed laws

    Negatives- over populated, san Diego is gross, la is gross, tons of traffic, tons of pollution, expensive gas, expensive housing, expensive food, the state is basically bankrupt, the school system sucks, tons of hippy idiots.

    California is not a great state.[/quote]

    southern california sucks fucking balls unless your a millionare in beverly hills or some shit.

    nor-cal is where its at for the most part.. really bad parts, but really good parts too. you gotta know your way around to actually enjoy it. also the most diverse region in the nation right next to new york city. that=good asssss foooood. best weather, nature, and dank on earth too..

    way too much sun in socal. plus socal only has mexican food, deserts, and dry beaches.. not my thing whatsoever.. ima baydestrian for life doeee
  10. [quote name='"Dr. Dank"']You have to understand, people like me, that live in Ohio, or other states, would kill to be in Cali...[/quote]

    I thought that too, lived in Ohio for 21 years of my life then headed for Cali...couple years later I went back to Ohio. Fuck Cali. I'm in Florida now, and you know what? Fuck Florida too, haha...I don't know why, but I love Ohio...
  11. I found in my travels that you tend to associate better with the type of people you grew up around. As a prairie boy, I find it hard to relate to people from BC, but put me in a group of people from SK or MB and I'll feel right at home.
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    Sounds alot like FL except we have shitty weed laws.
  13. I must say. Cali seems slightly better than jersey. North jersey sucks.
    -Everything is conveniently located within 5-10 minutes. Literally almost anything. 20 minutes will find anything. I'm 20 min from NYC. Can get anything there.
    - not a cheap area. Listed as a pro cause bud is pretty easy to come by. Not always cheap but we get very decent bud in north jersey.

    -people suck
    -can't find work
    -weather sucks and is completely random
    - cops and weed forget about it. Sucks worse. I get caught with a leaf and u are soooo screwed here. Expect other things in your car.
    - price of living. Yeah well Bergen county is one of the top of not the most expensive county in the united states to live in.
    - hate this place haha

    Can't wait to get out of here. Anyone From Wilmington nc area? I'm moving there within the next few months. Hopefully better there. Can't stand stuck up nj people.
  14. Well of course jersey sucks haha doesn't everybody know that?

  15. lol last time i said that here all kindsa people got their panties in a fucking wad...

    however i don't fucking care

    california IS the most OVERRATED state in the country

    too many people, insane taxes , insane prices on everything ...

    insane insane insane

    but thats just me
  16. [quote name='"kush70"']

    lol last time i said that here all kindsa people got their panties in a fucking wad...

    however i don't fucking care

    california IS the most OVERRATED state in the country

    too many people, insane taxes , insane prices on everything ...

    insane insane insane

    but thats just me[/quote]

    On everything except weed :p

  17. I love this forum already
  18. Yeah, fuck Cali. Hawaii is legit though :cool: I wouldn't go back unless I had plenty of money. It's an expensive place to live but I loved the lifestyle. I think if I had to move I'd go to Colorado or a more populated part of Michigan.
  19. Man, fuck California, it's all about Colorado.

    Great weed? Yup

    Affordable? For sure

    Beautiful nature? Fuck yeah

    Colorado > California

  20. My guy, I was about to say this same shit! That's my dream state.

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