Why does everybody think California is some holy state?

Discussion in 'General' started by Purp Skurp, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Why do most people on here think California is some holy state? If its cause they have chill weed laws than Lo fucking L.

    I'm gonna list the positives and negatives of California:

    Positives- San fransisco and most of north cali is cool, lots of cheap dank weed, chill weed laws

    Negatives- over populated, san Diego is gross, la is gross, tons of traffic, tons of pollution, expensive gas, expensive housing, expensive food, the state is basically bankrupt, the school system sucks, tons of hippy idiots.

    California is not a great state.
  2. Man FUCK California!
  3. I have lived here my entire life.
    It sucks. The only good thing truly is weed being legal. Cops are dicks out here in LA and smoking outside of the house or car is like suicide in most neighborhoods.
    Fuck it though:smoke:
  4. Yeah... Cali is not that great... Ive lived here my whole life... Its expensive as fck.... I do love the beaches though, and medi of course.
  5. A lot of inspirational people came from Cali...

    Other than that, I couldn't care less about it.
  6. because of weed lol duh

    i lived there for years and it sucked

    expensive ass everything
    especially rent and gas

    did i mention the traffic?
  7. Rigght?

    I grew up in cali, and I got in touch with a girl I used to know there. Anyway were talkin and she mentions weed, and I find out she's down to blaze. So I told her I toked to. Anyway she said she felt bad for me cause I was smoking shitty weed. I was like DAFUQ? I LIVE IN OREGON. we have bomb fucking weed too. And she kept arguing like there's nothing compared to "cali dank". I was pissed
  8. Agreed OP, CA is so overrated.
  9. My bestfriends brother lives in oregon and he comes down here to visit a few times ayear and we always sesh with him, you guys DO have bomb ass weed.
    That bitch was tripping :smoke:
  10. I'd totally move to cali one day... except i'm scared of that big earthquake thats going to separate it from the west coast of the USA.. you know its coming too...
  11. You have to understand, people like me, that live in Ohio, or other states, would kill to be in Cali...
  12. I think they need to just break the hell off and become their own little shitty island. They can take Texas with them.
  13. I lived in Huntington Beach for a few years in my early 20's. I felt like half my life out there was spent on the 405, which really sucked the fun out of living out there. I suppose I could have found work closer to where I lived, but I needed a good paying construction job(which meant more of a commute) to afford living in Huntington Beach.. Fridays would take 2 hours to drive 20 miles. Fuck that noise. So needless to say my country ass didn't last long out there.
  14. [quote name='"Demiurge"']I think they need to just break the hell off and become their own little shitty island. They can take Texas with them.[/quote]

    California will eventually be next to Japan .......
  15. It'd be cool to just bum out on a beach in a van, making clothes n' shit and travelin' places, meeting cool cats..

    But theres better places..
  16. Ah California is great!

    The traffic, smog, over- populace, the valley, grimy North Hollywood, taxi, and LAUSD are all perks of living in Ca. :wave:

    And to the bozo who said the only thing good was North Cali: Get real.. No one likes Nor Cal and their crumby slang and horrible 'Bro' fashion. Thumbs down... :wave: :smoke:
  17. Yeah I mean its not a terrible place, but I'd sure take Florida over Cali any day. I really don't like a lot of the way people from California act, they think they're better than everyone.
  18. I'd still like to visit.
  19. I feel the same way about BC. Only reason people like it is because of weed and the landscape. Everything else about it make me want to yonk.

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