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Why does bad weed give me headaches?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jsplasha, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Whenever I smoke anything less than dank, or close to it, I get a terrible headache.

    I understand a lot of people get headaches from bad weed, but now I'm curious.

    Does anyone know what it is about bad weed that causes headaches? Like what does bad weed have (or not have) that good weed doesn't that causes headaches?
  2. I have no idea good q haha
  3. probably a lot of stems in it. shit gives you head ache. avoid it like the plague
  4. Whats in the stems that cause headaches?
  5. i'm new to smoking so I really don't know. I used to get head aches because I didn't know you shouldn't smoke stems. once I stopped putting them in the bowl I never had another head ache
  6. Stemss
  7. Stems give me headaches, but if there's no stem in it, I believe that lower quality bud is less likely to have been flushed to remove any chemicals/nutrients which makes smoke harsher and gives me headaches as well.

    Coughing also gives me headaches, so harshness sucks for that too.
  8. a bad cure can also give you headaches
  9. If I smoke something that doesnt taste properly flushed it usually gives me a distinct headache. Could just be chemicals. Thankfully it only happens when im out and about smoking someone else's weed.
  10. ive smoked shwag that was brown and smelled like dirt, it got me high but a fucking headache

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