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Why does Alaska suck so much?

Discussion in 'General' started by babaloeey, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. it just sucks a lot
  2. they have good fishing and hunting. they also have alot of resouces like gold and oil. i always thought it would be cool to live there. and the government pay you to live there. and theres awsome strain names from there
  3. Alaskan Thunderfuck, my man.
    'Nuff said.<3
  4. because its fucking alaska! come to chicago and see what the world really offers!!!
  5. That's sort of ironic...Alaska is beautiful o_O
  6. yeah, pollution and high crime rates :p

    alaska has medicinal and decriminalized weed. i'd love to live in alaska for a couple of years. the winters can't be much worse than chicago winters.
  7. It doesn't suck...
  8. snow. snow. snow. snow. snow. hey look the su-snow. snow. snow.
  9. i gues every countryside has their pros and cons... and some have alot of cons but there is always some pros ;) would you rather live in germany? cause i wouldnt mind a year of in alaska :( :D
  10. Arent you alowed to grow like 5 plants for personal use in Alaska?

    Whats a matta wit you?
  11. Buffalo, NY receives 10-60 more inches than most cities in Alaska.

    Barrow, AK receives 28 inches as opposed to 80-100 in Buffalo.

  12. You should probably leave then. The lower 48 is calling you....
  13. OP you need to find some nugs, build an igloo, and get ready to hunt some fucking moose:cool:
  14. freezen's the reason
  15. Alaska doesn't suck. Its one of the few places where you can see aurora borealis.


    I think that'd be the single coolest thing to see while high.
  16. Fuck yeah.
  17. Come to Minnesota wayyy better then that place :)

  18. sarah palin. sarah palin. sarah palin. sarah palin. hey look a smart pers-sarah palin. sarah palin. sarah palin.
  19. Last time I checked, there's no state income tax in Alaska, there's no sales tax in Alaska, and they PAY YOU to live there from the proceeds of oil sales. And it's not an insignificant amount of money either.

    If I wasn't destined to live my entire life in my birth state of California, I'd consider Alaska.

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