Why does a blunt or a joint smoke faster when you relight it?

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  1. hey all.....so i ran inside for a couple mins and my blueberry swishasweet cigerllo went out so i relight it and now it is burning faster then it burnt before.

    when i relit it, i didnt hit it hard, so the weed wouldnt burn to hot, but it still burnt quick....why does this happen?
    thanks all
  2. probably cause now you're high as shit and are actually paying attention to how fast it burns now.

    either that or it just dried out. :confused_2:
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    yea i got an allrite buzz...another hit or two off my pipe and i will be :smoke::smoke::smoke::bongin::bongin: lol

    but u think the bud dries out in less then 5 mins from a hit? my sweets smoke good btw

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  5. I don't get it.

  6. Sorry to hear that:rolleyes:
  7. because it is now dryer than the first time it was lit? holy snake shit i just realized how terribly this country has failed at basic science/chemistry education....
  8. Just smoke a little in a pipe when you want.
  9. Google 'approach gradient'

  10. Well you say it gets dryer, that would make sence
    but why is the bud all moist and sticky if you open up a roach right after you smoked it?
  11. i have done that before when i am low on weed
    i dont like the flaver of roach weed in a pipe
  12. The resins are lipids and burn themselves. But mostly its a placebo effect from a combination of the time perception effects of weed and an approach gradient.
  13. so you are saying its a mental thing?

    so if i took 2 sweets..rolled exactly the same, as close anyways...same amount weed, same type of roll...made sure there are no holes or leaks...lets just say i rolled two perfectly rolled sweets

    and they were rolled to smoke for 30 mins

    if i lite them at the same time, and took the same amounts of hits so they are still equal

    now when they are halfway smoked

    if i didnt smoke one for 5 mins and it went out...so i ended up relighting it five mins later and continued taking equal amounts of hits....
    the second sweet will be done about 5 mins after the first one????
  14. All other things being equal, yes. If there is a long delay before the re-light there will be some drying. Though with the time frame you give I don't see it making a marked difference.

    Remember too, when you look at a joint you see the whole thing, and most likely visualize smoking the whole thing. But in reality we only smoke ~ 7/8 of it. That last bit is a roach.

    So yes, it is mostly perception.

    however, imho, quit playing with the damned thing and just pass it on down the left hand side :)
  15. yeah but why is it dryer?

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