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Why do your eyes get low?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deck-ter, May 25, 2010.

  1. Ive learned alot about weed over the years but Ive never figured out why your eyes get low.
  2. Heres my guess but I'm not saying it's anywhere near right.

    Weed relaxes all of your muscles, but your eye-lids are the only thing you would really notice getting more relaxed (Your not going to see your arm relaxing lol) so your eyes-lid muscles loosen up causing them to get lower.
  3. cuz you chill :smoking:
  4. [ame=]YouTube - The Statement-Wiz Khalifa (Downloadable)[/ame]

    to your sig

    but idk why it makes your eyes low. dont really mind it.
  5. Good guess. im going with this
  6. Pretty close to spot on..
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    Well marijuana increases heart rate, so I'm guessing it just increases the blood-flow and makes your eyes swell a small bit.

  8. Yeah, but what about the low low eyes on those with allergies or an illness? I wouldn't call those people relaxed. They definitely have red eyes though... You guys know what I mean? Maybe it's the body's way of trying to protect your eyes while they're sort of down for the count?
  9. lol i looked at 2 answers what seem super right but i was hoping someone would say im just too god damn baked to care.
  10. weed increases heart rate dumbass, know your facts before u state any gibberish
  11. No need for that, maybe he was high and fucked up. People make mistakes man.
  12. Fucking spellchecker, I have auto-spell-check on Firefox, so every word (even if that's not the word I wanted, or even remotely close to what I was talking about) that is misspelled, gets auto-corrected and replaced.
  13. I love having my eyes low as fuck, i had them just go closed on me once, thought i went blind gotta love being super high and also gotta love Khalifa man TGOD
  14. I asked my grandpa, because he was like the biggest pothead. And he said because you don't blink as much as you do normally. I doubt that's right.
  15. I'll actually give some scientific input of what i have looked up..
    Marijuana decreases pressure in the eyes and increases blood flow. When this happens, the arteries in the eye-ball expand (due to decreased pressure). These areteries, especially when expanded, are visible in the white portion of the eye and make the eye appear "bloodshot" and relax("get low")

    This very result (decrease of pressure in the eye) is the primary reason marijuana is used to treat glaucoma. Glaucoma is the condition where there is excessive pressure in the eye. In some patients, the pressure can become so severe that it causes damage to the retinal nerve, ultimately damaging the patient's vision. Marijuana decreases this pressure.
  16. I have weak eye muscles so I look like I'm high all the time, people even tell me this all the time and they say that when I'm high I look fucking baked lol

    So may it has to do with your eye muscles but I dono just my 2c
  17. If I had to guess i would say it is because when your eyes get red and irritated your eyelids get lower to try to keep as much moisture in your eye as possible. but hockeyman07 that sounds pretty legit so maybe you're right.
  18. Gravity man :cool:
  19. Pressure in the eye has nothing to do with your eyelids. Even if the pressure in your eye is decreased, it wouldn't effect your eyelids unless your eye somewhat got smaller (which doesn't happen). Your eyelids and your eyes work somewhat independently from each other, other than reflexes and blinking but it is something we should look more into.

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