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Why Do YOU Work Out??!?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by ChiefyMcgee, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Not sure if there's a thread like this, but why do YOU work out and/or play sports? To get in shape, get stronger, toned, muscular, or just for overall health???
    Personally, I work out to feel better and look better. With better health, I believe my confidence and happiness are through the roof.
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    because it's keeps me focused
  3. I started because I was skinny and unhealthy and had zero confidence. Now I continue to constantly challenge myself to get bigger and stronger.
  4. Because I need to get back in shape. Although in shape for me means looking like sweet tooth from the twisted metal games. For those that don't know that reference, he looks muscular but has a layer of fat on top of it.

    Also to get stronger. It's shitty knowing that I was strongest when I was 18. Coincidentally that's the age I started smoking... Correlation? Perhaps.
  5. To get fucking ripped and fuck mad bitches bro. Why else?
  6. To be healthy and be that one shredded guy. It's all about the aesthetics brah

  7. Lmfao, this. ;)

  8. Aware, and for the same reasons as this guy
  9. Yeah I do it somewhat for aesthetics, but also because large amounts of consistent exercise is guaranteed to increase your energy levels, and I like to do alot of extreme sports and being in great shape really helps with those.:smoke:

    But yeah, being that one shredded guy amidst your friend's beer guts at the beach also feels good.:D
  10. I workout b/c my motivation to go through with things isn't too strong, so I'm practicing that.

    I also want a killer body by September when I head off to university where I'll be around tons of girls since I'll be in residence.

    It also jumps my self confidence, esteem and well-being. It just does. It feels good to see yourself progress.
  11. [​IMG]

    Oh yeah.. and health..
  12. I started exercising because I was depressed as hell. Read up and decided to try to get better body so my mind don't get bogged down by it. Seems to work.
    Also nice to look in mirror when I need anatomical references.
    Right now though I want to acquire the sexy bikini body. Still have some work to get there :D

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