Why do you think Cannabis should be

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Cicatrice, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. It is very very simple, just write out why do you think Cannabis should be
  2. so I dont live in fear of possessing a plant that makes me want to order in and watch movies.
  3. ditto sensi

    and also, i want to be able to go to a coffee shop and chill there with a doobie and sticky bun :)

    i also hate when i tell people about weed, and tell them they're all being lied to about it, they just look at me like i'm full of shit and just some jellybrained pothead
  4. Because it was illegally made illegal ,by a pack or self serving crooked politicians and businessmen ?

    You wouldn't have time to read 'all' my reasons. But that's the best one I know of to start with.

  5. Because it's status forces people who wish to smoke to become criminals and to have to deal with dealers who quite often are involved in bigger things.
    Whilst a drug that costs thousands of lives annualy is totally legal and freely available I find this a little hard to understand.

    Because it makes a criminal out of me !!

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