Why do you smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ashine, May 12, 2011.

  1. Sup blades, why do YOU guys smoke?
  2. Keeps me sane :)
  3. I'm not mmj but it's effectively my multi-vitamin. It expands my mind outside of the box.
  4. I enjoy the way it makes me think about things in such detail. Shows about nature are just amazing to me when I'm high and so are movies. Also I feel so much better than after a night of drinking.
  5. If you guys chose other, then write the reason! :D
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  7. To get high.
  8. It's fun and I like to get high. And why the Fuck not?
  9. It makes me do better on exams.
  10. In my case I have found marijuana is natures true prozac. Fuck the sun lol.
  11. I smoke to get high, but I also like laying in my bed with the lights off, I can explain the meaning of life, etc all inside of my head and when I wake up I plan on telling the world, but then I forgot
  12. You need the sun to grow weed. Well real weed.

    I smoke because it makes me not give a fuck about my problems and for its beneficial properties.
  13. I ended up clicking "socially" and "health issues" although clicking "for the feeling of being high" would also apply to me. I live in Southern California and I have my medical card for insomnia, migraines, bi-polar disorder ( I wont go crazy on anyone I would just get irritated easily be silly things, I am harmless and do not bite) so health issues is one. I do PREFER to smoke with friends though since being high alone just seems odd. Its like you see something super funny when you are stoned and have NO ONE to laugh with... I just feel getting stoned is more of a social activity.
  14. I enjoy how time slows down. I like the idea that here and now is going to last longer. I live in the moment.
  15. so im not an asshole
  16. Exactly as my name says, for the bliss of it
  17. I smoke to get high because the world is so low.
    But seriously it is a very fun social activity and opens your mind to anything and everything.
  18. i should of added 'psychological' as an option :D
  19. relaxation IMO

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