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Why do you smoke??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PiffSquad, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. We all have reasons why we smoke whether it is for medical purposes, to relax at night, or just socially (and some other reasons).

    I smoke like every day because it relieves stress and it makes almost everything in life better. It feels like im in my own world or like on my own tv show somethin like that. Either way i just forget about everything else but what im doin at the moment. Its an amazing part to my life.
  2. Cause its cool man :cool:
  3. i smoke because it makes me more happy....
  4. I smoke because it just makes everything better. There's nothing that isn't better while high.

    It also boosts my creativity while I'm making music. I would say that's the main reason why I don't quit.
  5. second that...
  6. because im a very angry person. and my girlfriend doesnt help with that. so why not smoke? it makes every big problem seem so insignifigant.
  7. I smoke because I love to smoke :) :hello:
  8. it's something to do when theres nothing to do
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    Because I am stressed out at the thought of smoking, so it relieves stress.


    I really wanted to post something sarcastic like this every time I post, but I always feel like a condescending asshole who doesn't take the thread seriously. So let me get away with this small victory.
  10. Cause being high feels damn fucking good! Thats why!
  11. cuz all of my friends do it, y not

    Just kidding. Being high just has so many benefits :D
  12. I love the herb with a passion, it allows me to escape from the stress of everyday life that for some reason I just can't handle like everyone else.. It also helps me eat because I am underweight,sleep because of my stomach and just relax and take the world on
  13. I do it equally in parts as a social activity and because I love the feeling that it has. I just dont have to worry about anything, and I get lost in my music and just kinda peace out to the world
  14. I enjoy it. Thats all the reason that anyone really needs to do anything.
  15. I smoke because i enjoy the high, makes everything fun more fun. And it makes me more creative, especially in school. I have to write an english story and being baked makes my writing more creative and my thoughts flow more easily
  16. Because i hate being low...
  17. Boredom & relaxation
  18. I like to get fucked up, honestly.
  19. i do it to relieve stress and to just relax me when i need it. it also helps with my depression.

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