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why do YOU smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wanmower, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. i personally do it for stress relief....and as a pick-me-up.
    for example, i cannot start a day without a toke....its just like wake up, shower, eat, smoke, leave.

    and if you smoke for stress you ever feel bad about it?

    like today everyone was so stressed after a huge test, and everyone was like "imma go take a bath" or "imma go get a massage" to chill....and in my mind all i could think was "damn idk about you, but imma go smoke.".....made me feel a little

    so why do u guys smoke? & when/how often?!
    happy smoking :smoking:
  2. Too many threads like this man.
  3. migraines man, also do it socially just to get fucked up
  4. I smoke because it makes me feel mighty and cool.
    And I can tell my friends I smoke weed and I look like a badass.

    I mean why would anyone smoke for any other reason....

    ha ha ha
  5. I like to get high.
  6. few disorders i have and i like being high lol
  7. Because i Love everything there is that has to do with it.. i smoke maryjane cause its gets me high. aka ... I Love to get High...also can help out with different health issues i run into sometimes....anxiety, back pain or chronic pain, weird stomach pains that have come back pretty much enhances turns a very boring weekend with a broken xbox 360 ( 3rd one now that has died ) into an awesome trifecta of joint basically because i like to.....
  8. I do it to control my anger. I can't control my anger espcially when there are outside forces to make it worse. Such as hot weather, loud places, crowded places, ghetto people, people who are rude, etc.

    When I puff, I just don't give a F(#K.
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    It takes away my discomfort and gives me inner peace.

    Edit: I forgot to also mention; cannabis often makes me think a lot more. Philosophically. I examine things more. These thoughts come without the worries of daily life or the anxiety that I suffer from.
  10. Migranes, it relaxes me, loosens the grip my anxiety has on my life both social and personal, it makes me happy and brings me closer to others. It helps me be creative and allows me to sit back and think about society and the world. To discuss these problems we have and have an understanding of why.
  11. I love to meditate and think about life while high. It helps give me insight as I search for the existential meaning to my life.

    Slow motion travel is gnarly as well. haha.
  12. ^^ ha yea, it's like you can solve every single one of the worlds problems in an hour :D
  13. Helps my ADD
    Also to wind down the end of the day
    Help with those sore muscles after big workouts, and long 10-15 hour shifts at the country club...damn those one on saturday =[
    And to come closer with my friends
    The friend i first toke with have become so tight nothing could separate us.

  14. Only in an hour, tops two, since it takes a good high to get into that train of thought. No buzz would do. :smoking:
  15. Benefit > Cost

    Specifically, I like all aspects of weed.. it just depends on my mood/strain what I get.
  16. Started smoking a few years ago because i liked it...

    Now it's to remove the stress also... I have a stressfull job and when it goes bad i'm stressed and mad so i smoke while working...

    I usually wake up late, eat, shower, start working then start smoking a few hours later. Then stop working whenever i don't feel like it anymore.

    So i usually just chill and smoke a little...

    So around 3 times a day on normal day.

    But anyway... don't you dream of smoking while working?...
  17. I smoke weed to get high. lol.
  18. Helps Me Relax
  19. I always have tons and tons of mind straining thoughts going through my head, it's nice to let my mind relax.. and so, it's fun to get high. :p Enjoyable to be relaxed, even though some people REFUSE to relax at all (Whether it be from plants or just sitting down and stopping the stress-fest)
  20. Because I like to get high, and it's a good social experience with friends.

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