Why do you smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by climbingtrees, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. i smoke to relax me and help me have a more positive outlook on life with a different perspective.
  2. ^^^ word i hate it when people ask me this question but i know how to answer it. it helps caulm me i have problems relaxing cuz im pretty high strung but when i toke i calm down. also when i am feeling depressed about a situation or even life after i toke i relize life is amazing and should be cherished.
  3. to get fucked up
  4. because I have grass so why not
  5. To stop the evil voices in my head, they want me to kill Bob Vila for some reason.
  6. I like getting high

  7. [​IMG]
  8. honestly asking a stoner why they smoke is like asking a fish why they swim around
  9. Makes some things just a little more enjoyable :)
  10. I smoke to relax, to help with stress and depression. I started off smoking just cause. But now i have realized that it helps with so much.
  11. depending on the situation, either to relax or have a good time, or both. also helps me write papers.
  12. i smoke to get high. why do uuu smoke
  13. I smoke cause it enhances everything in my life.
  14. Ugh, another one of these threads.

    I'm sure everyone here smokes weed for the same general reason: it makes them feel good in one way or another. That specific reason may be different for everyone but it's still generally the same reason.

    If not for that reason, then they are trying to fit in with a certain crowd; which would sort of fall under the first category because they will feel good about fitting in with the crowd they wanted to (for a while at least). But I dunno if that counts.
  15. To get lung cancer .
  16. I smoke to sleep (i have horrible insomnia and will stay awake for days and days if I dont smoke before bed, it sucks), I also smoke for my knee pain, and of course to relax and have a good time
  17. I dont want none of my hatred escape
  18. I smoke the healin leaf because all the other drugs will kill you!


    and if you do please dont carry out the demand\

    i like smoking because it calms me down, helps me stomach food, and somewhat relieves my back pain.

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