why do you smoke?

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  1. one day im amsterdam I was thinking about why I smoke so much. and why I smoke at all. i like drugs. I like being on drugs. I like taking drugs. I like seeing my freinds take drugs.

    when I was young, I was diagnosed with a number of genetic abnormalities. some of these have required me to take drugs. lots of drugs. I cannot rremember a time in my life that I was not on some proscribed drug. and the side effects...I wont go into it. So when I finally came across weed, I didnt see what the big deal was. my first hits weren't as strong as the stuff that the doctors were giving me. so i gave up all my treatments ecept for the really important ones and ill keep smoking weed (+acid+shrooms :D ) they're better for me and they feel better to me.

    why do you smoke?

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  2. it's a mini vacation
  3. i smoke becuase its fun. thats the problem with anti drug commercials. they dont admit that. i like being high.
  4. extactly, i do it for entertainment.. weed was put here for us to smoke .. anyone trying to deny us that right should be shot. Now I know a lot of anti-pot dudes are going to say but we are trying to help you... which of course is just utter )@(_)!(!!!!!

    anyways, i smoke because it's fun and makes me get threw each-day a little bit better :D
  5. i grew up with people who smoked. watching my parents smoke and growing up, i realized when they smoked how funny they were, how loving they were, and farther down the line as i grew up, i was aware of how much it helped my father through a lot of serious pain he had. these things, the being funny, the pain relief... are reasons why i smoke too. and i have a love for natural plants. curious about their abilities. the things a growing plant, fungus, vine, etc, hold are so incredible!
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  6. Hmm.... Why do I smoke? Why do I drink Mountain Dew? Because I like it. Straight up.

    I kind of share a similar childhood with phlatbeats. I cannot remember a time when there wasn't weed. I remember drinking bong water that was left out by mistake one night. I remember wandering into numerous grow rooms. My dad wised up before I was older and quit all the dealing and growing. He and I never really got along because.. I was a pretty bad kid. :D We're cool now, but I've never smoked with him and I'm not sure if he still does. :)

    I've fucked around with a lot of drugs and will never do a lot of them again. I'm all natural now. :) And I agree that anti-drug commercials are BS. The anti-pot commercials are so fucking bullshit. I remember walking home from school and never had people trying to sell me shit. piff. However, I really dig the anti-meth commercial... That catchy little tune. heheh. :)

    I can honestly say I also smoke for a medical reason. I have acid reflux disease. Wacky... Never thought I'd have a disease... I don't like that. :rolleyes: Anyhow, my esophagus is deformed thus causing it not to contract where it meets my stomache. Therefore, I have stomach acid splashing up my esophagus and I get heartburn ALL DAY EVERY DAY. I take a perscription that allows me to eat and stuff, it helps a lot, but sometimes it's just not enough. The pot smoke causes me to relax, which is good for my stomach and esophagus, and is a natural pain killer. Maybe I should check about getting a perscription. :D hehehehe.

  7. look at me. busey as a bee. whered i get all this energy? oh meth mmmm meth! I don't sleep and i don't eat, but i got the cleanenst house on the street. oh meth mmmm meth! Get these hairs all out of my fase. get these bugs all out of my place. one more hit no tome to waste! oh meth mmmm meth!
  8. I smoke to get high like anyone else. I chill out and relax...listen to music or watch a movie....in this case...I searched a thread that was posted in 2001 for no particular reason.:yay::bongin::bongin::smoke:
  9. Just as a way to disconnect from the world. The constant pressures, the always getting in trouble, the pain. Its just fun to get away from it all, which is why I smoke.
  10. Something to do with friends.
  11. i like to think deep thoughts.
  12. Being high is fun and relaxing and like someone already said its a little vacation for a few hours. You just go off and do what you like and whats awesome it makes the stuff you like like 10 times better
  13. i do it to relieve anxiety and get to know myself better, and to have fun :)
  14. It's nice to smoke after work. Sooo relaxing

    Smoke for fun too ofcourse :smoking: but it's like my nicotine. A blunt after work keeps me in a good mood
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    Dam 8 year old thread.

    Imagine if the OP comes on here and sees his thread alive after this amount of time.
    I think he would be ringing up guinness world records.
  16. lol yeah super bump.

    i think people are lying to themselves if they smoke for any reason other than they do not like some aspect of their life/being sober in general.
  17. 1. To get high.
    2. To relieve stress.
    3. To feel good.
    4. To live my life.
  18. Because it reveals me to myself.

    Because I'd rather be stoned than not stoned.

    Because I like to enjoy life and I enjoy smoking.
  19. I think it's a really easy and enjoyable way to relax with little consequence, if you're careful. It opens up my mind to new and profound ways of thinking. It makes me appreciate things in life. It puts things in perspective. It makes me feel closer to friends and family. It inspires me. It's just so simple, but so incredible.
  20. i smoke because it calms me down and helps me relax and lets me have a vacation away from this shitty country and fucked up world:smoking:

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