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Why do you smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by A fish, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. As the title suggests. Why do you smoke? Obviously many people use it for it's medicinal benefits but I myself don't have any medical reasons to use it. I do it because I like it, I can focus on certain things better, it gives me the opportunity to look at things from 2 points of view plus it makes every damn thing better. What are your reasons.
  2. It's just good clean fun!!!
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  3. couldnt have said it better
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  4. I like that it does, like you said, A fish, gives me two different points of view. I have some important "epiphanies" while high. Plus as was said- it's good, clean, fun!
  5. I do it cuz I have severe depression. been through a lot. helps me forget about it.
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  6. I snapped my leg in half and have a metal rod down the length of my tibia that's bolted into place at the ankle and knee. I fell off a cliff and shattered my heel on that same leg a few years after, so my doctor prescribed it to me for pain management. It also greatly helps my anxiety disorder.

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  7. I'm 19, i started smoking at 14 cause I thought it was cool but when I started I realised how much better it made me feel. I went through a lot at a young age and weed helped me feel better. I kept smoking for a few years and decided to stop as I felt I didn't need it but then my relationship ended and I started smoking again. People don't realise how much weed can take away your negative thoughts and help you find positives in everything. In the 3/4 years of me smoking weed it's developed me as a person, it's made me more creative and more productive, more comfortable with my anxiety and depression, I'm not saying weed will cure you of the depression and anxiety but I can sure as hell tell you that it will help a lot! Sure it's not for everyone but if it helps me in all of those ways I won't stop until I don't need to anymore. I think I need her back , damn
  8. Good god why do i not smoke?

    1. Trump is president
    2. N korea is playing with nukes
    3. Apparently, climate change is bullshit because the oil companies will have to make major changes.
    4. Piss tests for employment
    5. Close minded old fashioned conservative thinking.
    6. Corrupt police
    7. Churches (and religion) fucking everything up.
    8. Agressive drivers
    9. Mexicans moving to America, taking up residency and establishing a family in America, The father is a gardener for cash under the table. He sends his wife to collect welfare and food stamps. All the while HATING Americans!!!

    I can go on and on but I am allowing myself to get upset over what I am writing. Time to smoke a joint.
  9. I smoke because I enjoy it but I do utilize it's medical abilities for physical aches/pains, nausea , and for going to sleep. I find myself unable to sleep most nights without an aid.
  10. Never really thought about it. I guess for me it's how I wind down after my day. I have a stressful job so it helps get me past my work day and into my real life. plus it makes stupid shit like mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, making dinner, etc much more enjoyable.
  11. Because I like it and its habit. Makes a lot of activities more fun or interesting. I find myself getting more immersed in things when I'm high.

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    I smoke because........................................................hmm I don't remember why I smoke ........oh Yeah now I remember

    I go thru way too much when I vape.....
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  13. Because it makes everything a thousand times better (especially music) and it allows me to look into my mind a little bit more.Not to mention I usually have a pretty hard time falling asleep but a fat bowl or 5 of some indica will have me out cold.
  14. I like the feeling it gives off

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  15. I smoke because I like weed the feeling when stoned is amazing also make a day more fun
  16. I smoke because my sanity demands it.


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